Why I started Blogging

Why did I start blogging?

Good question. I wanted to tell of my travels. When we retire. our plan is to travel. I figured I better get my blog started to “get it out there”.

I found I really had a lot of ideas. More continue to pop into my head as I go along.
I have a plan to help with meal planning. In hopes to help everyone be able to have a home cooked meal nightly without slaving over the stove or compromising healthy eating .

Finally, my hope is that everyone enjoys reading my posts and learns something from them.

Guess that is really why I started a blog. To help people.

So whether you follow my money saving meal prep, my travels, downsizing or just the ramblings of my crazy mind. My hope is that you learn something to make your life a little easier and to have some fun for sure!

Work it, Dream it, Discuss it here.