What to do in Grand Haven Michigan

What to do in Grand Haven Michigan?

So you are planning a trip to Grand Haven Michigan and you want to know what to do and see?

I was just there this Summer. Let me tell you what I found that I think are must see.

First, let me say I am a very tourist trap kindda gal! I love going to them, good, bad and ugly! I figure there has to be some reason people want to go see them. So where ever I go I look things to do on the good ole internet and look for the main attractions. Then I use those as a starting point then start looking for things to do near them. Or you can just go to the touristy things and ask the people working there what there is to do in the area. You may just be surprised at the places they may tell you to go.

Ok, so I’ll start with a “touristy” thing to do. Go to the Musical Fountain. When we first drove into town since we were camping outside of town, we knew we wanted to see them so we tried to find them. This was quite a task. It was daylight and we saw nothing about them anywhere. We pulled out google maps and typed in the Musical fountain in Grand Haven ( Isn’t technology great!)

Well, after following the directions we still had no clue. It kept telling us that we had arrived at our destination, great right? Nope, we saw nothing but a bandstand. Well, guess what! That was it! Boy did I feel silly!  The fountain is actually across the water on an island. I had a Homer Simpson DOH moment!

We returned that evening close to dark knowing where to go and the closest parking to the fountain. This is a good idea to do before just going into town to see the show, it gets very crowded this show is a big deal and I can see why. This is definitely a do not miss thing to do in Grand Haven Michigan. Here are just a few of the pictures I took.


Must do Things in Grand Haven Michigan Must do Things in Grand Haven Michigan

As you can see it is beautiful! Boats float by during the show and that just adds to the atmosphere. Definitely, the #1 must do thing in Grand Haven!

Visit the beach! Grand Haven has a great walkway to the beach. Be warned it’s crowded and not much shade. Where there is shade someone is probably occupying it. If you come across a shady spot sit! Relax a few minutes and take in the sites. Just people watch too. The walk is long but worth it. When you reach the end you can go to the left to the beach or go straight to the lighthouse. I chose to do the latter.

There was construction on the walkway to the lighthouse so we weren’t all able to get up close to it but I was still able to get some great photos.

Grand Haven Michigan

Just the walk is a must do thing in Grand Haven! Here are some of the sights along the walk.

This is the Lighthouse across the waterway from the other lighthouse at the end of the Walkway.


Grand Haven Michigan

Look at all those fishing poles!!! You can do a fishing charter if you like that kind of thing.Grand Haven MichiganGrand Haven Michigan

We did not walk the whole walkway. Just picked it up at the Farmer’s Market area and walked it to the beach. There are great shopping and a food court area there. You can get pretzels, ice cream, clean your catch and take a picture of you and your catch.

Grand Haven Michigan

Here’s me with my catch!

In the background to the right of us is the Farmer’s Market area. Just beyond that, there is a historical site.

Things to do in Grand Haven Michigan

Here you will find the original coal tipple and one of the coal trains used. It’s a nice little park that tells of the history of the area and the importance of the coal train to the area. If you love to learn a little history about the area you are visiting this is a must see also!

We walked Downtown Grand Haven and it is a very quaint downtown. With lots of small businesses making up the downtown. So this is another must do thing! You never know what you might find. I’m always on the lookout for a unique Christmas gift. You just might find one in downtown Grand Haven.

Of course, there are many places to eat in Grand Haven one place I feel you need to stop at is Porto Bello. It is a great restaurant with an Italian flare. The food was amazing and we went with another couple and between us all, I would say we sampled a good variety. I had pizza, while spaghetti and meatballs and chicken alfredo where some of the other things ordered all were delicious. We ate here as a late lunch early dinner meal. It is not a cheap meal but worth the cost. I took some pizza home and had it for lunch the next day. I won’t go on much about food since taste and budget are different with everyone. But if you are looking for a nice dining experience Porto Bello is a great place to stop.

Finally, the last thing you must do when in Grand Haven is to visit the small towns in the area. There are so many cute little lakeside towns you have to see them. I’ll tell you more about them in my next post!

Have you been there and have something you want to add? Please comment below!

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