Week 2 Plum’s Adventure at School

Week 2  Plum’s Adventure at School in the Kitchen. Really? Week 2? Time flies when you are having fun!

We are having so much fun with Plum I can hardly believe it’s week 2.

First off, on Day 6 of Plum’s adventure, the kids must have been misbehaving because they got a warning from Plum. Not too serious of a warning but enough to get the point across!

Plum's adventures
I Mustache ask you!

The kids didn’t figure it out immediately. But once they did they got a kick out of it. They were all like I must ask you a question and told Plum that they will listen! And they really were good for the rest of the day!

On day 7 there was no school because of snow and ice! No one will know what things Plum was up to since she was in the kitchen alone for three days I hope my kitchen is still standing when we come in tomorrow!

When I  finally came back in on Day 8,  First I can say, my kitchen was still standing! Secondly, this is what I found…

Plum's adventures
Toasting marshmallows

Plum toasting marshmallows. It was a bit rough on me to make my toast in the morning but Plum didn’t mind. Matter of fact I think she liked me using the toaster!

On  Day 9, Plum must’ve thought the kids were being good and she brought them doughnuts for a treat. Plum also decided to have a little fun with the doughnuts! So she built a snowman out of them.

Plum's adventures

Now before you start complaining about the kids having doughnuts and how unhealthy they are. These are Whole wheat doughnuts! Michelle Obama standards approved! The kids had no idea! They LOVED them!

Finally, on day 10 Plum was definitely getting a bit restless! I found her blocking off a door to the kitchen!

Plum's adventures

Now this the kids thought was GREAT! Plum got a bit tangled up in the streamers but she still got the job done! I think the Teachers had as much fun with this one as the kids did! All of the teachers made a point of saying WAIT I’M BLOCKED OUT! The kids thought this was hilarious! The Teachers couldn’t get in!

Well, this has been a great week 2. We certainly are enjoying it. I hope you are enjoying it also!

If you have any ideas please comment below I’d love to hear from you!

Finally, check back next week for Plum’s final week in our Kitchen!


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