Week 1 With Plum at School

Week 1 with Plum at School.

Plum has had a busy first week in our School Kitchen.

This is my first Year having an Elf. It can be interesting and fun too!

The kids have really been enjoying having her in the Kitchen.

However, having an Elf does bring up lots of questions! Like whether or not I believe in Santa.

Of course, there have also been tons of questions about Plum herself.

Such as, where did you get a purple Elf?

As well as, do you move her?

And my favorite is she real?

Kids are great generally speaking! So creative and inquisitive.

Anyway, onto Day 2, 3, 4 and Day 5 (I know I’m a bit behind! But I didn’t want to overwhelm you with posts.)

Firstly, Day 2 I guess that since “Is she real?” being the most ask question Plum decided to answer it herself. Plum climbed up to the top of our tree where every kid coming through the line could see her and held a sign that said “Yes I’m real and yes I’m watching you”

Yes I am real!
Day 2

We have solar flowers in the windows of our Kitchen to help brighten things up. Well, to be completely honest, we have solars all over our kitchen! We change them out for every Holiday and Season! However, Plum must have been very interested in the flowers since that is where we found her on Day 3. I’m thinking they don’t have flowers in the north pole except for poinsettias and we know that poinsettias don’t look like flowers. So we found her smelling our flowers in the window!

Day 3 Smelling the Flowers!
Day 3 Smelling the Flowers!

I think by Day 4 Plum was getting a bit restless. We came in to find her zip lining of all things!! In a Kitchen! Apparently, Elves love to fly! Who knew?? But that is what the sign she was holding said!

Day 4
Day 4

Day 4 Zipline!
Day 4 Zipline!

Please excuse the mess on my Fridge with all the health department required stuff and important notes it gets a bit full. Obviously, I could’ve have cropped the picture but I wanted you to see she was ziplining from my fridge.

Finally, after a day of Zip lining Plum must’ve been tired. We found her sitting by the tree decorating it by making her own cereal garland.

Day 5 Making a cereal garland.
Day 5 Making a cereal garland.

I truly hope you are enjoying Plum’s adventures in the School kitchen. I will only be updating once a week to make it easier. Any ideas? I would love to hear them! Don’t forget to come back and check on Plum and what she is up to.

Lastly, I tried to find the Pin that I got the sign from about flying and I couldn’t find it so if it is yours please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

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