Well, today is the big day. The day we vote and chose our next President. Sadly I am relieved this day is here. Why? This is one of the most negative campaigns years I have seen in all the years of me being able to vote. I’m not just talking the Presidential race, all in all across the board. I haven’t seen one single ad that says something good about anyone that makes me say, Yes! that is who I want.

Why is this? I ask myself over and over. Have we as Americans decided this is ok? That we want to see the bullying, mud slinging and nastiness?

Is this what we want our kids to think is acceptable behavior?

I have 2 adult children, one is registered to vote one isn’t. In the center of this is my DD, is witnessing her first election.
What does she ask me? What if I don’t like anyone? I am dumbfounded. I did tell her to get online and research the candidates, see who she likes. She did and now has a better idea of who she wants to vote for again I’m not just talking about the presidential race there is many other issues and positions to fill.

My main reason for writing this is for everyone to just remember that no matter what happens in the upcoming days. Who wins who loses, what levies pass or fail. Who becomes sheriff, judge, state representative, after it all…

Obviously, We are still Americans.

We need to stand together and take a stand against this mud slinging nastiness we have to endure for months. I would like to see real issues addressed. This is the first year I didn’t watch a debate all the way through. I just couldn’t take it.

Lastly, I hope we all unite together with whoever wins today and continue loving and caring for one another.

Let’s show the world who we really are! We are caring people that watch out and care for one another! That we won’t stand up for this nastiness and mud slinging!

Finally, I hope you vote I know I will be!

Then we need to stand together and rid us of this nastiness and mud slinging!

Only when we let them know this isn’t ok with us will this finally stop!



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