Treasure Island Florida

This Year DH and I decided not to buy each other gifts for Christmas. We decided to go on a vacation instead. We chose to go to Treasure Island Florida.

Part of the reason we chose to go is we have family there. Always a plus!

But also, the drive ability. Since we were driving and only had a limited number of days to be gone.

We planned for two days down and two days back which left us three days on the beach.

Seems doable right?

Yes, it was totally doable but three days driving would’ve been much better.

Well, in reality, flying would’ve been the best way to go but think of all the sights that we would’ve missed in between.

I do have to say the worst part of the drive was Atlanta GA. I don’t think there is a time or day that Atlanta GA doesn’t have traffic! Well, probably in the middle of the night but that might be the only time.

Well, I have to say we had a great time! Treasure Island is great to walk to the beach or to dinner. We only drove our car one day the rest of the time we walked everywhere!

While we were there we visited with said family. Which was great! They really showed us a great time! Thank you so much to my Cousins you two are fabulous!!!

During our short stay in Treasure Island, we experienced a Florida Winter! One of the days the high was 60 degrees! The evening temps dropped into the 40’s! We were on the beach in our winter coats and gloves watching the sunrise!

We saw some people in shorts! They were crazy Ohioans!! Yes, I am from Ohio but I like to stay warm! That reminds me, I don’t really think there are any true Floridians I think they are actually transplanted Ohioans! I couldn’t believe how many people that live there are from Ohio!

Well, on to some of the things you need to do when visiting Treasure Island, and these are just a few things. Remember that we were only there 3 days!

#1. Watch the sunrise on the beach.

Treasure Island Florida

Treasure Island Florida
One of my favorite shots!

#2. Watch the sunset from Sloppy Joe’s .

Treasure Island Florida
Sunset from Sloppy Joe’s

Treasure Island Florida

During our visit, there were sand sculptures. I’m not sure if they are always there or how often they change them but here are some of the sculptures.


Treasure Island Florida
Sanding Ovations


#3. Eat at Spinner’s.

Treasure Island Florida

Treasure Island Florida

What a difference 1,000 miles make!

#4. Walk, you never know what you may see. Our hotel was a short walk to St. John’s Pass. Which is a must if you want to shop with some local flare!

Treasure Island Florida
St. John’s Pass
Birds everywhere!

#5. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve this is a small preserve that is totally worth the stop! But, be warned the GPS takes you to the service entrance. The entrance is just up the road we just turned around and found it pretty easy. This was a great walk. Very easy and level.

They have many different birds that were rescued and can’t be re released into the wild. They even have a board that tells the story of all the animals there.

We were lucky enough to get up close and personal with this cutey! It’s a screech owl. Every time it blinked it looked like it was flirting with you! There is a lot of hands on here making this a great place for kids. And aren’t we all kids at heart. Well, I know my Hubby and I are when it comes to animals, birds, mammals, reptiles anything! This is the place to see it all!

There is various artwork spread through out the park! What a wonderful use of things that could be considered junk! This armadillo was made from street “junk”.

I think this picture captures the peace you feel here.

This is a great hidden gem!

Finally, #6. Relax! Isn’t that what vacation is all about! Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy!

I hope this has given you a few ideas on what to do when visiting Treasure Island Florida. I know we will be going back there for sure!!

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