Travel who doesn’t like to?
Follow my travels around the United States of America.

After all, what is better than seeing the good ole US of A?
I mean, it’s HUGE! There is so much to see. It could take a lifetime to see it all and truly say you see it all.
My bucket list includes visiting every state, national park, state park and some of the quirky things along the way.
I’m slowly working towards that dream.
At the present time, I have quite a few states under my belt.
Although there is much more to go. In fact, I’m always planning some new adventure.
Here is where you will follow me on my adventures. Some big some small but all are a piece of the dream.
I hope you enjoy traveling along with me and that I spark a travel bug in you!

Yes, this is a kid puzzle but what a fun way to keep track of my travels!

Car rental

Do you need to get a car rental in Miami Beach? Planning on taking a trip to Miami or Miami Beach. To rent a car or not to rent a car that is the question! Thinking of escaping the cold, snowy winter? Ready for some fun in the sun? Need a dose of vitamin sea???
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Back to the Bricks

This summer I attended the Back to the Bricks in Flint Michigan. Let me just tell you it’s kinda a big deal. If you love old cars, crowds, and food this is a must go to event. I camp close to Flint so we decided to check out the local Fairs, can I just say
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Michigan M-25

While camping in Michigan I decided to take a drive on  Michigan M-25. For those of you that don’t know where that route is, it is the state route that drives along Michigan’s thumb. I camp outside of Flint so I took 69 to M-25 in Port Huron. I was driving along 69 and I
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Treasure Island Florida

This Year DH and I decided not to buy each other gifts for Christmas. We decided to go on a vacation instead. We chose to go to Treasure Island Florida. Part of the reason we chose to go is we have family there. Always a plus! But also, the drive ability. Since we were driving and
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Visiting Maui

What to do when visiting Maui! In the first place let me just say that Maui is what you “think” Hawaii would be. Rainbows, waterfalls, beaches, palm trees, beautiful sunsets, and sunrises, luaus. It’s paradise! But where do you go? What to do?? Yes, you can sit on the beach all day, or…. You can
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  DH and I started our Hawaiian trip by flying into Seattle. Why Seattle? That is what my DH said well, his exact words were “why in the H-E- double toothpick did you pick Seattle?” What is the reason you ask? Well, quite simply, due to me have motion sickness. So I wanted to, no
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Packing for Hawaii & Excursions

When traveling to Hawaii what are some things you might not think about packing? Hawaii has wonderful weather and since we were going in July we knew the weather would be awesome. Packing is easy, right? Pack up some shorts, tanks, t-shirts, flip-flops and tennis shoes were done! Seems pretty basic, right? Here are some
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Fall Color Trip

Today is the day DH and I went to the Dayton area to explore a few new parks we have never been to. I was afraid we wouldn’t see any Fall color well I was wrong! There were plenty of colors, the color of orange to be exact!     And still more!!!! Well, I’m
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