Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers, what to do with them. Are you sick of Turkey yet? Or maybe Ham?

Well, I’m here to help with a simple idea for leftover ham.

Today is the big border rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan. We are a house divided so it’s safe to say OH- IO or GO Blue! You will get a response from someone in this house. So with football on the TV I’m looking for something simple for dinner. What should I do? Well, with leftover ham in the fridge Ham salad sandwiches are perfect for the game day!

What is ham salad you may ask? Well, is could be a northwest Ohio thing I’m not sure. But it’s something you can buy at the Deli. It’s ground up Ham that you eat on a sandwich cold.

Thanksgiving Leftovers
The ingredients

Firstly you can make this recipe larger or smaller. I tried to make the recipe easy to cut in half or double depending on how much you want to make.
The ingredients:
1 lb Ham
1 Cup Miracle Whip
1/4 cup relish

Step one:
First, cut off the skin of the Ham. Actually, this isn’t totally necessary but it just gives it a smoother texture. The skins can be thrown away or added to bean soup or even put in omelets.
Then, put the Ham in a food processor and grind till all large chunks are gone. Like so…

Thanksgiving Leftovers
Ham ground up.

Step two:
At this time, add Miracle Whip and stir till well coated then add Relish, stir till combined.


Thanksgiving Leftovers
Finally, Ham Salad!

Strangely enough, it is a great way to disguise leftovers! No one will know it is leftovers!

Thanksgiving Leftovers
Leftovers? Nope!

In closing, I hope you truly enjoy this recipe, it will help you save money by using up the leftovers you already have in your fridge!

Lastly, this is better if it stays in the fridge a few hours to marriage the flavors.

Finally, I just need to say GO BLUE!!!!

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