Super Bowl Prep

Well, it’s that time of year!

Super Bowl Sunday is sneaking up on us!

With a little Super Bowl Prep, you can be saving some money instead of spending a fortune!

Now how do you prep for the Super Bowl?

Well at my house we don’t have a party except amongst ourselves. So my prep is way easier. But even if you are having the party at your house these rules can still apply.

Step 1. Take stock of the items you have on hand. Seems simple enough. Start in the freezer. What leftovers do you have? Is there a half of a box of something? Use it! This is the perfect time to clean out some of that stuff!

Step 2. Make a list of these items.

Step 3. Check the pantry. This one may not add too much but you never know. Do you have some cookies, or crackers to use up? Add them to the list. Of course, check to see if they are still good!

Step 4. See if you have anything that can be used. Here is my list:

Two full boxes of shrimp, this is great!

1/2 box loaded potato skins 6 to be exact!

1 stuffed chicken breast. One really?? Who has just one?? Well me, I do.

10 funnel cakes, another bonus!

4 boxes of Chinese food ( I say food because, of course, each one is different)

As you can see I can use the shrimp, potato skins, and the funnel cakes. Woo Hoo! All for no extra money since they are already in my possession. This is a good start to some munchies since that is what we do every Super Bowl.

I made a turkey yesterday in prep of Super Bowl. If you follow my blog you would have seen turkey was .99 cents a lb. So I bought one.

I’m sure many of you were wondering what I was going to do with a turkey in January. Well, I thought ahead and thought hot shredded turkey sandwiches would be great for our Super Bowl party!

My family of 4 will not eat a whole turkey at one time so here is where planning comes in. The leftovers will be split 2 ways one for turkey and rice soup and one for shredded hot turkey sandwiches for the Super bowl of course!

There we have it! Super Bowl menu without a lot of work or money! All I have to do is take the leftover turkey out and put it in the crockpot with some water and bouillion or leftover gravy and let cook on low and the turkey will take care of itself.

I will make the leftovers from the freezer just add a little something extra to munch on.

So my menu will be Hot shredded turkey sandwiches, chips, potato skins, shrimp and funnel cakes for dessert!

I know if you are having a big party this may not help you too much. But every little bit of money saved helps you out!

But don’t be afraid to look into your freezer first. You never know what might be in there!

Finally, plan ahead a little prep goes a long way. Just making the turkey ahead will save a lot of rushing around on game day!

I hope this helps you save a bit of money on game day! Since most people go overboard and over budget! Take these money saving tips and save yourself a little green!

Finally, enjoy the game and I hope your team wins!

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