Meal Prep What is it?

The first step to saving money is meal prep.

What is meal prep you ask?

It’s prepping your meals ahead to save time on an actual day you plan to cook it.

First, you must have a menu, then you need to look around the house to see what you have on hand and what you need.

Then making a list of what you need. Seems simple right?

Having a list before you head out to the store is a must. Especially if you want to save money. Without a list, you may be tempted to purchase things you see on sale, or just “sound good”. You will spend far more than you need and may end up with odds and ends and no real meal. I know this seems like a simple idea but trust me, it isn’t. You really have to buckle down and just do it.

I have had people say “what if I don’t feel like that for dinner that night” well food is food. If you are making dinners that you like you can manage to eat them if you think of something you would like to add it to the next week’s menu.

Look at the sales ad. You could go to multiple stores and get the best sales at all of them. Me I don’t do that my time is more valuable. I shop at one store this makes for a more stress-free day since I know where all the items are located in the store. I do have their loyalty card and use it religiously.

Next go online and look for any coupons to print for what’s on your list or available to add to your loyalty card. Most loyalty cards have the same coupons available in local papers. I don’t get the paper, you can if you want but, like I said my time is more valuable.

Head off to the store and save some money! Try to stick to the list there is always going to be something you forget to put on your list, but limit the add-ons.

When you come home from the store do as much food prep for the week as possible, marinade any meat and store in fridge or freezer depending on how you plan on cooking it.

This week Burger was on sale so I bought 2 – 5 lb packages I came home and browned one package and made chili and taco meat for 2 meals.

Crockpot full of Chili!
A crock pot full of Chili!

The other package I made burger patties for one meal then I wrapped up the remainder of the burger into 2 – 1 lb packages and placed in the freezer for future needs.

Salisbury Steak Patties
Salisbury Steak Patties

I hope this gives you ideas before you head out to the Store! DO you have money-saving ideas that you use before you head out to the store??? Let me know!

Work it, Dream it, Discuss it here.