Save Money

We all like to save money. But with retirement in our near future saving money hasn’t become a choice but it has become a lifestyle. Not only do we need to live with less we need to do it with less money. So here are some ways I cut back without feeling like I’m cutting back. Check back often I’ll keep adding on as I find things. If you know of a good site let me know!

First and foremost, Groceries, this is possibly the biggest expense for anyone. And I know for myself with 2 adult kids living at home, this is most possibly the hardest! Well, I found a website that helps you save money on groceries and other things without all the work. Free Tastes Good

We all love to shop! I know I do! If you don’t use Ebates you need to! You earn money just but going through their site. Install the button on your browser it will make it even easier. This is a free service that pays you! Clicking the site above helps me out towards referrals so please help me out.

Another site that pays you to shop is TopCashBack Click here. This is like Ebates but they offer different stores and different amounts back. They have promotions that are you look at different offers and find a hummingbird you can win cash or entries into sweepstakes. Again if you join from the link above I get referral credit so please help a girl out!

Like to go out to eat? Like free food?? Then you must check out this ! It has all the restaurants listed that give you anything from a free dinner for your birthday to a buy one get one free ice cream sundae! Now that is Awesome!

Crock Pot Chili

It is March and most places are starting to warm up. But I live in Ohio and the weather is fickled, to say the least! It was 76 yesterday and today they are calling for 50 and rainy. So I think a big Crock Pot of Chili is in order! I can let it cook all
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When did food cost get so out of control? I am sitting here going through the local store ads. Trying to find out what’s on sale to plan my meals for next week. All I can do is shake my head! For one, do the stores think we are this stupid? And for two, why
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Sugar Cookies

As I stated in my last post I have received some favorite recipes from my old Clients over the years when I was a Hair Dresser.Now I’m going to share a sugar cookie recipe that came from Patrica. Patricia was a baker before MS took over her life and made it too hard to work. She told me
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Best Banana Bread Recipe

Today I will be sharing with you a recipe for the Best Banana bread you will ever bake. Most of you that follow my blog know that I’m a Lunch Lady, if not now you know! But before that, I was a Hairdresser for almost 25 years. I loved doing hair but it takes it’s
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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers, what to do with them. Are you sick of Turkey yet? Or maybe Ham? Well, I’m here to help with a simple idea for leftover ham. Today is the big border rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan. We are a house divided so it’s safe to say OH- IO or GO Blue! You
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Meal Planning Week 4

Week 4 of Meal planning. How’s it going?? First off, are you hanging in there? I hope so it is so worth it. Hopefully, you have seen the advantages of planning ahead. Even if you didn’t do it every day as planned it’s ok it’s a start keep going! You will get there! Now on
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Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Ok, this week is the reason for meal planning. Why it is so important to plan meals and freeze some ahead… It’s the week everyone trying to save money on food dreads… The week of nothing good on sale as I like to call it. A week that the store has no meat on sale
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Meal Planning Week 2

Now on to meal planning. If you followed my first steps you should have made it through your meal planning. How did you do?? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Hopefully, your family gave you enough ideas to get you through another week, or as you cooked this week you thought of
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