Quick Weekend Trip In Montour Falls NY

This weekend I made a quick trip to Montour Falls NY. By quick I mean 2 days quick.

But even with a 7-hour drive there we still were able to enjoy some sites and local fair.

Hubby and I made the 6.36-hour drive (according to google) in 7.5 hours not too shabby.

We made very few stops on the way down to try to give ourselves extra daylight time to see some sites. Since we went to Montour Falls to see a graduation the next morning. We knew we wouldn’t have too much time after the graduation for site seeing.

This being said, when we got checked into The Falls Motel the manager directed us to take a short walk to the She-Qua-Ga Falls. This was a nice short walk that was for great after being cooped up in the car.

What a wonderful surprise. Hubby and I were walking and just enjoying we could hear the falls then BAM! Right in between 2 houses there it is!

Montour Falls NY Montour Falls NY

There is a ton of waterfalls in this area. I would have to say it’s a waterfall lover’s dream come true!

Everywhere you would drive there was another waterfall. And I’m not talking about a little fall here or there I mean at least an 18-20 foot drop!

Watkins Glen State Park was very close and it was on my to-do list even though I knew the gorge trail was closed. After all, it was January when we were visiting the area. Well, they closed the park two days before our arrival for road work. Bummer…

But, that’s ok just gives us a reason to go back! Which I told DH that was going to happen! He even told the manager of the Motel “Wifey plans on coming back!” YAY! A win for me!

Since we were only there for a night we were very limited. But we did go eat at Sam’s Bar & Grill. I regret not taking a picture of my meal I was so hungry I dove right in. After visiting their website the picture just doesn’t do it justice. While there I decided to try a local craft beer.

Nathan explained the local drafts he had on tap. I chose a light ale by Two Goats Brewing called Zest master. This beer was really good very citrusy. You could taste lemon and orange, I really liked this beer! I was sorry I couldn’t stop at the Brewing company and pick some up. Guess that’s something to do the next time! For dinner, I had a Bacon Cheeseburger with fries DH had a Jalapeno Chicken sandwich with onion rings and we shared Buck’s nachos. Everything was FAB!!!! If you are ever in Montour Falls NY make a stop here!

After eating we were both pretty tired from the drive and since we had to get up early for the graduation we decided to call it a day.

The next day we got up and went to the graduation. Afterward, we all went to lunch at the Blue Ribbon Diner it’s a little place but has great homemade food. I opted for the chicken fingers as did my DH. Our choice of sides was french fries and coleslaw. The coleslaw was fantastic!! Not too sour, not too sweet, just right! We had so much food between us we couldn’t even eat it all! All and all it was very reasonable in price also.

All I can say is I can’t wait to make the trip back to Montour Falls NY! It is such a quaint place to visit. Not ruined by tourism. Just a small town surrounded by beauty!

If you ever are head to the Finger Lake Region of NY make sure you make this a stop along the way!

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