Packing for Hawaii & Excursions

When traveling to Hawaii what are some things you might not think about packing?

Hawaii has wonderful weather and since we were going in July we knew the weather would be awesome. Packing is easy, right? Pack up some shorts, tanks, t-shirts, flip-flops and tennis shoes were done!
Seems pretty basic, right?
Here are some things I didn’t think to pack that you might not think about either.
We’ve all seen pictures like this:

Beautiful Sunset view from our hotel Ka'anapali Beach Hotel in Maui.
Beautiful Sunset view from our hotel Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Maui.

What you don’t realize is how windy it truly is. I mean it never stops! It’s great to have the cool ocean breezes but try to take a picture with non-stop wind….

This is what your pictures end up looking like…


Or even like this…


First off! Women preplan!!! Take something to keep your hair in check. Here are the pictures of our dream anniversary vacation with the DH and myself, totally not worth framing! Take my advice! Work out some hairdos ahead of time! If you have long hair and can throw it up in a ponytail good for you! This wasn’t my case at the time. So pack hair ties, barrettes, do they still call them that? Hat, anything that is easy for you to control your hair. Of course, you have to like the way you look in it, if you don’t like the way you look in pictures it’s all just a waste.

Secondly, chapstick, another must! Your lips will thank you! I can’t tell you how many times DH was like you got your chapstick with you? Between the wind and the sun you will dry out those precious lips. Nothing ruins pictures more than cracked dry lips.

Third jeans. Yes, I said Jeans! We did the Mauna Kea Observatory Summit Tour. This tour is a must when visiting Maui! You get to watch the sunset on the highest point in Hawaii! Can I just say AMAZING views! All the stars that you get to see! Of course, that is why the Observatory is up there.

Sunset a top Mauna Kea
Sunset atop Mauna Kea

Muna Kea Summit tours will provide you with Parkas and gloves, Yes PARKAS AND GLOVES! Yes, it is that cold up there! We were there in July there was still some snow up on the summits! But you will be glad you had your jeans and a warm shirt even with the parka and gloves it was a very chilly sunset. On the ride back down the difference in temperature was just crazy! After all, how many people can say they got to wear a parka and gloves in Hawaii!

Fourth, I have motion sickness so my Dr prescribed a patch to wear for me to wear up to three days a patch. Those motion sickness patches worked great if you have any issues with any bit motion sickness ask your doctor for some. It is better to be safe than sick. After all, who wants to ruin their dream vacation over motion sickness. I also used the motion sickness patch on another excursion we took in Maui, the road to Hana tour. If you are at all queasy make sure you have something. Trust me!

We were trying to not have any checked luggage.
Well, we did.
One, because of the liquid restrictions, and hairspray that I packed which was a total waste! Look at the pics does it look like I used or needed hairspray?? The extra luggage ended up being a good thing because with all the souvenirs we brought back we needed the extra room. I am telling you this so you keep it in the back of your head that you will need to make sure you have space in your luggage to bring all your goodies home in.

Personally I like to do Christmas shopping when on vacation. You get to get unusual gifts that you can’t get at just any store and I get to shop with a purpose which helps cut back on the spontaneous purchases. Just a little hint to help you shop without DH complaining about shopping Your Welcome ūüėČ

Well, I hope I gave you a couple of helpful hints on what things you might not have thought to pack. Maybe you can think of a few other things you’d like to add?
Please Let me know!

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