Michigan M-25

While camping in Michigan I decided to take a drive on  Michigan M-25.

For those of you that don’t know where that route is, it is the state route that drives along Michigan’s thumb.

I camp outside of Flint so I took 69 to M-25 in Port Huron.

I was driving along 69 and I saw a sign that said Goodell’s County Park this exit. So I thought why not check it out.

Michigan M-25

This little park is a great stop along the way. It is exactly 2.5 miles off of 69. There are very clean restrooms. When I came out of the restroom I saw something on the ground that I thought was trash. I looked again and it was actually a Polyphemus moth. Kind of creepy but cool looking all in one!

Michigan M-25

There is a great walking trail and in the middle of it is this. It just reminded me of my dream to travel!

Michigan M-25

This park has all the original buildings of St. Clair County moved here so they can see them all in one place.

 Michigan M-25 Michigan M-25

I think this is a great stop. You can take a short walk around and learn all about the history of St. Clair County. There is also a splash pad for kids. I was there in May so the splash pad wasn’t in operation. There are playgrounds and a butterfly garden. This is a great stop to take a break if traveling with kids. Or without kids, if you need a place to stretch your legs or even a picnic. on to M-25.

Now on to M-25 which starts in Port Huron.

My first stop in Port Huron was the State Harbor.

I really need to make a trip back to Port Huron. I started my day here and I really probably should’ve ended it here. This town is so neat! It’s like stepping back in time! Well, a lot of the towns on this route are! But Port Huron was my favorite on this trip. They have a path along the Port called Desmond Landing River Trail with sculptures. It is truly a nice walk.

Michigan M-25

Port Huron is one of the gateways to Canada. They are very proud of this fact. I can see why, how many people can take pictures of Canada while on American soil?

OK, OK, I know anyone living in the Northern most part of America can but most of the American’s don’t have that luxury.

So, that being said, I was very excited! If I would’ve had my new passport with me I’d drove across the famous Blue Water Bridge.                                                            Michigan M-25

After leaving Port Huron, which is a bit tricky since there are a lot of one-way streets. But fortunately for me, the town is very well-marked.

The views along M-25 are amazing I was driving North so every time I looked to my right I see blue water. There are a lot of roadside parks for you to pull over and get a great view of the Lake and stretch and relax.

I stopped at Lexington State Harbor next. There is a walkway on the break wall which is great! This park has restrooms, a small beach, picnic area and a playground. I took a walk along the walkway on the break wall. It was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I know this cause these marks.

Michigan M-25

Michigan M-25

The start of the path.You can see the boat docks to the right.Michigan M-25

Views along the path.

Michigan M-25

It was a very peaceful but windy day!

Michigan M-25

The end. There was a nice gentleman that was fishing I asked him if he was catching anything he said: “Nothing but a clear mind.” What a great way to look at it!

As I continued along M-25 the views are just amazing. I was by myself so I couldn’t snap pictures. But I will tell you to watch out for the names people give their waterfront homes. One of my favorites was Beir Belly Beach. What a great play on their last name!

My next stop was a Roadside park along a section called Blue Star Memorial Hwy. The park is just another stop along M-25 to picnic. There is a restroom there, well what looks like a restroom only to find out it’s just a fancy porta potty. They have a walkway down to the beach but the beach wasn’t particularly inviting looking to me. There were still some great views.

Michigan M-25

These are the views you get all along M-25

Views from the Walkway to the beach that I chose not to go to.

A Seagull holding its ground against the waves.


Michigan M-25

A ship out in the distance! Did I tell you how much I love my new Camera?


Not sure what this was I zoomed in as far as I could but I still don’t know what they are. They may be windmills or a bridge not sure. Just look at how blue the water is.

As you can see the views are amazing! There were plenty of homes for sale along M-25 so if you are looking for Lakefront property you may want to look into this area!

Next, on my ride, I saw a sign for PT. Aux Barques Lighthouse. Now I’m sure I missed a bunch of lighthouses but I pulled over to see this one. With a name like that, I had to see it. They were working on it so I didn’t get out to get a better view.

Michigan M-25

It was beginning to get late in the day and I still hadn’t stopped for lunch so I decided to hop back in the car and continue on.

Just up the road was the Port Austin State Harbor. It is much like the Port Huron State Harbor. So I didn’t stay long just got out and stretched my legs and snapped a few pictures.

Michigan M-25

There was this big rock right in the middle.
The walkway on the Break wall.

Driving along the views of the water were not in sight like they were between Port Huron and Port Austin. As a matter of fact, the towns were few and far between also. The area from Port Austin and Bay City were pretty much farm fields. Being an Ohio girl lets say I wasn’t impressed.  I can smell cow manure back home.

My last stop was at Sleeper State Park. I’ve never been one to pass a State Park. Normally in Michigan, you need a State Park Pass to enter all parks. But since it was off season no one was around so I was able to do a quick peek at a couple of places. The Rangers let me look around, probably knowing no one was there and I certainly wasn’t going swimming. The temperature only reached 72 degrees that day. So you can imagine how cold the water was!

I was beginning to think I did the drive backwards.

It would have been better if I started North towards Bay City then traveled East around the Thumb.

Oh well, live and learn!

There weren’t a whole lot of places to stop and eat so I decided to just get something back at the campground.

I think if I would have driven the opposite way I could’ve had lunch at some of the quaint restaurants in Port Austin or Port Huron.

So my suggestion to you would be. If you were to do this trip do it in reverse or pack a lunch and enjoy any one of the many roadside parks.

I did this trip in one day. I could’ve stopped at more places if I would’ve had lunch but I was getting a bit hungry. After all that farmland at the end, I was ready just to be done.

That’s why I really think this would’ve been better done in reverse of what I did. You could get the Farmland out of the way in the beginning. And end with a lot of beautiful scenery.

All in all, it was a fantastic drive! I think everyone should make this drive once in their lifetime. It is so peaceful and the views are just amazing.

I have long known that Michigan is a great State but this little drive just proved it!

How lucky are we to have all this beauty at our fingertips!

So go out and explore!

Work towards your Dream! I know I am one country road at a time!



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    Oh my gosh, that moth! It's the thing of my nightmares, but you got a great pic of it! I love the idea of your blog, living simply and travelling. Can't wait to read more.

    1. // Reply
      Thanks! And yes it was a bit creepy at first then I researched it and found out it only lives a few days and never eats since it was a male. Man, do I feel lucky to have snapped a picture

  2. // Reply
    Michigan is a lovely place. The sculptures are awesome. Port Huron is a cool area.

    1. // Reply
      Wow, I had no idea there were insects or any living things that go their whole (however short) life without eating. That's really cool. And it really is an interesting looking creature.

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