Meat Stock up!

It’s here! Meat Stock UP!

Finally! A good week for meat.

The drought is over!

This is why it is so important to stock up ahead on meat so you can make it through the weeks when there is nothing good on sale!

This being said, on to the sales!

Before I went to the store I looked online at the ad.

I saw they had Chicken legs and thighs .99 cents a pound. Awesome deal!

That is definitely a stock up price!

Anytime you find meat for .99 cents a pound stock up!!

Besides legs and thighs, they also had chicken tenders for 1.99 a pound. Another good price.

What I love about tenders is that they are so easy to turn into freezer meals. All you have to do is add whatever you want to the bag and freeze. I like to add bbq sauce or dressings that may only have a half of a bottle left. So it’s a win-win I get to fill up my freezer with meals while clearing out the leftovers in the fridge!

Ok, on to what I spent and what I did with it.

I planned on getting thighs and tenders at the store. But when I got there they had ground beef on sale for 1.99 a pound. BONUS! So I stocked up on that too!

I got 2 packs of tenders-$2.81 +$2.91= $5.72

One family pack of Thighs (probably should’ve bought 2 but I was so excited about the beef) $5.44

5 packs of ground beef-$5.59+ $5.93+ $5.95+$6.79+ $6.83= $31.09

Meat stock up!

So all together I spent $42.25

Chicken tenders-

#1 pack got creamy Italian dressing poured over them and put in the freezer.

#2 pack I just froze plain. Hubby likes the chicken with dry Italian dressing and mayo which I just mix up when cooking.

There are 2 meals.

Chicken thighs- froze half then the other half I put bbq sauce on and put in the fridge. That will be dinner today!

Another 2 meals. Up to 4 meals!

On to the Burger.

  1. Made Hamburger patties out of one package. One pack made 8 large patties. So 2 meals.
  2. I took one pack and made meatloaf out of it. This made 2 meatloaves. 2 more meals.
  3. One pack I divided into 2 and froze the plain burger. 2 more meals.Meat stock up!
  4. & 5. I dumped 2 packs into the crockpot. Broke up the burger turned it on low and took off to enjoy the great January day we were having. When I came home I broke up the burger and divided it into 4 bags and froze the cooked ground beef. 4 meals.

meat stock up

So, I made a total of 10 meals for $42.25! That’s about $4.22 a meal for 4 people! You can’t beat that! And not only is it a good price but I saved myself a lot of prep.

Now I’m sure some of you are questioning me browning my burger in the crockpot. It works great! I normally don’t leave the house but this time I did. Which because I did this I had to break up the burger a bit more at the end. Usually, I’ll break it up as it cooks but it still worked out great!

I hope this inspires you to stock up whenever you see a great deal! Don’t be afraid to buy an extra pack or two and freeze it! I do have a food saver vacuum sealer that I love! It cuts down on freezer burn and it also has a setting for moist so when you add the dressings it doesn’t suck out all the moisture. You can see in the picture above how pink the beef is. It is still that pink even after being frozen. Big difference!


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