Debt Free Christmas

Debt free Christmas, wouldn’t that be great!

Here we are the day after Christmas.

I’m sure saving money is the last thing on your mind!

Or maybe it’s the first thing on your mind.

Did you go overboard on Christmas this year?

We all have at one time or another in our lives.

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Make a plan now for next year.

I said when I started this thread I said it would be about more than just meal tips it would be about saving money also.

Well, I have seen some pins that I thought would be good to share with you to start next Christmas out on a good foot. Debit-free!

To start out make a list of all the people you buy for or just use the list that you used this year to go shopping with. If you haven’t already thrown it away.

Next, figure out how much you really want to spend on them.

Use this year as a reference.

Was it hard to find a gift in that price range or was the price range to high?

Now add up the total of all the limits. Don’t be scared!

This amount may shock you when you see how much you spend all together.

Or it may not.

The first time I added up what I spent I was shocked but setting limits really helps.

I’m not perfect I tend to go over on at least one person a year when I find that perfect gift.

That’s ok, don’t beat yourself up.

Once you get the total of your gift limits tallied up, round it up to give you some wiggle room.

Now I love lists. Love crossing things off.

Maybe you don’t. But you really do need a list in this instance.

Head over to Excel and insert all the names of who you are buying for in the first column.

Then the limit in the next column.

Leave the next column for ideas than a column for how much you actually spent and whether it has been purchased.

Finally the last column for when it’s wrapped.

Now for the saving money part.

Divide the amount by the number of paydays you have in a month.

All seems easy enough.

But putting away the money is the hard part.

This is where I saw something on Pinterest that I would love to share. I don’t normally like to just repin things but this one is a fun and easy idea!

I don’t normally like to just repin things but this one is a fun and easy idea!


Penny Challenge


So I say let’s all start the penny challenge or you can make it a nickel or even a dime!

We could all have a Debt free Christmas or at the very least a stress-free start to Christmas next year!

I have been using this method for the last two years to save up for our Alaska trip.

I am amazed how fast money can add up and I don’t miss the money since it comes right out of my check.

Here is a chart that will show you what different coin amounts can add up to saved one day at a time!

This 365 Day Money Challenge Will Save You $3,339, a Nickel at a Time

Try this for yourself! I hope you use this method and have a nice nest egg for next Christmas! Here’s to a debt free Christmas!

Work it, Dream it, Discuss it here.