Meal Planning Week 3

Ok, this week is the reason for meal planning. Why it is so important to plan meals and freeze some ahead…

It’s the week everyone trying to save money on food dreads…
The week of nothing good on sale as I like to call it.

A week that the store has no meat on sale for under two dollars a pound! ūüėģ I know I can’t believe it!
Hope everyone just gasped! I know I did!

Yes, you could buy meat for more than two dollars a pound but why??? When you know you can buy something any other week for less. This is why I say to buy extra when it’s on sale.
For some reason, there is always a week, usually about once a month that they don’t have good sales on meat. Think about it, they are hoping you buy your meat just when you need it. That’s how they get you!

So, I must begin by saying I told a little white lie in an earlier post… I do shop at more than one store but I only do this once a month! I belong to a club/membership store ( like Costco or Sam’s) but I only go once a month and I this on this kind of week that calls for that visit.

This is a good to restock up on staples, things like toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags. Things like that. It is a good week since there is always some meat there on sale for under my price point.

Today it was whole chickens for 1.50 a pound, and I found some boneless skinless chicken breasts on “quick sale” which means they needed to be cooked or frozen within a day or two.

Two meals easy out of this!
Two meals easy out of this!

The ground burger was also on sale for 1.99 a pound. They already come in family size portions, hence “club store”. This will fill in my week nicely and add something for the freezer.

Before going into one of these club stores think budget! What do I need, will we use all of it before it expires? Is it the flavors I like? Don’t go in one of these stores without a plan and budget. Buying bulk has its advantages and disadvantages. I could go on about this forever. ( I’ll save it for another post!)

Back to meal planning. Hopefully, you have made ahead a few meals in your freezer. If not don’t worry now is a good time to clear out the pantry. Maybe even schedule an eat out for a night, if you don’t go crazy and have Outback or some other expensive restaurant. Think about what you would spend on the meat and use that as a budget for the night.

For some reason, frozen pizza is on sale this week, like every kind! So, I added it to the menu again even though it was on last weeks menu. If you have something in the freezer you’d rather add then do this is just to help you if you have nothing. How about breakfast for dinner, pancakes or scrambled eggs or omelets. Sandwiches are a great meal on a budget.

A reminder a calendar week runs Sunday to Saturday, I plan my meals Saturday to Friday. I shop on Saturdays so I start with fresh meat earlier in the week and have the freezer things or things with longer shelf life for the end of the week. I put enchiladas for Tuesday and turkey club wraps for Friday I will buy the same flour Tortillas for both these meals.

Here is the Menu.


I hope this helps you out. Have any questions? Feel free to ask. Have an idea to help save money on meals let me know!

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