Meal Planning Week 4

Week 4 of Meal planning. How’s it going??

First off, are you hanging in there?
I hope so it is so worth it.
Hopefully, you have seen the advantages of planning ahead.
Even if you didn’t do it every day as planned it’s ok it’s a start keep going! You will get there!

Now on to the sales. My store has Chicken breasts for $1.79 a lb, Pork chops $1.49 a lb, and whole chicken .99 a lb and chicken thighs for $1.79 a lb.

Yes, last week I bought whole chickens on sale at the “wholesale” store but I wanted chicken noodle soup, the weather is getting chilly and I love soup.
Sue me for wanting something warm.

Anyway, I froze the other whole chickens and I wanted soup today. So Chicken Noodle soup was on the menu.
I found a recipe for smothered pork chops I want to try here
Since this is such a heavy chicken week. I’m going to look for things in my fridge. There is pepperoni in there so grilled pizza sandwiches are easy since we are having patty melts Monday. We’ll just use the remainder of the bread for Friday. The beef is in my freezer from week 1.

Now for the Nachos on Tuesday, I love nachos. If I had to choose nachos or death… It would be death. Nachos could be anything from beef, bean, cheese, chicken anything. So it’s a good throw in.

Not sure if you all know what chili spaghetti is, it maybe a northwest Ohio thing.
But here it goes…
It’s your favorite canned chili over spaghetti noodles. Back in my younger days, it was Campbell’s chunky chili beef soup over noodles.
Sadly like all things they change things for the better, or so they say, I think it was so good they were losing money cause they used quality ingredients. Anyway off topic. We’ve gone to our favorite canned chili over noodles it is a cheap and yummy meal.

Finally, on Thursday, sloppy joes.
This is a staple in my house, my MIL always makes these from scratch so these are always in the freezer. Anytime that burger is on sale I make a batch and freeze it.

You could just buy sloppy joe mix and make ahead and freeze as needed or you can make your favorite recipe. I’d share my MIL’s recipe but I’d have to kill you 🙂 She is very protective of it.

Have you ever had a family recipe that you’re aren’t suppose to share?

What do you do when someone asks for it??

I’d love to hear what you tell people.

Well pat yourself on the back you have made it to week four! One whole month!! I’m here for you and I hope you have enjoyed this ride. Check back next week is a new week!
Thanks again!
Here is your updated menu:


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