Meal Planning Week 2

Now on to meal planning.

If you followed my first steps you should have made it through your meal planning.
How did you do?? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Hopefully, your family gave you enough ideas to get you through another week, or as you cooked this week you thought of more meals you’d like to cook in case not I’ll throw a few ideas out there for you.

My store has Ham on sale for $1.99 a lb for a whole boneless ham! That will make a few meals I’ve listed Ham and scalloped potatoes for Sunday’s meal. Now the trick when buying a whole ham is to get it first then take it to the meat counter and ask them to slice it for you, the thickness of the slices is up to you I always say as thin as you can with it still holding together. This way you can use it for sandwiches and it’s easier to dice up. I would take the opportunity to freeze a meal up with ham I have frozen scalloped potatoes up before and they turned out fine, some people have issues with the potatoes turning black I have never had this issue.Try this recipe

Refrigerated pasta is on sale, this makes an easy meal, buy your favorite spaghetti sauce if you don’t already have a jar and cook the pasta then throw in the spaghetti sauce.

Salsa Verde pork is a favorite in our house. When the Pork loin is on sale I buy it and make a couple of meals out of it. I do not cube it like the recipe says, I have found it shreds so nice I just leave it whole easier for me.

Frozen pizza always an easy meal. You can buy one or make homemade.

Here is the updated menu.
Meal-planning week 2

While you are prepping your meals here is something to listen to Top Music

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