Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Welcome to my Kitchen Pantry Makeover.

I’m working on my house so we can sell it.

Which means a lot of downsizing and decluttering.

I have lived in this house for 16 years. I have always hated my kitchen pantry.

The pantry is almost two feet wide and three feet deep with 4 shelves being just as wide and deep.

I have tried many ways to organize the pantry these last 16 years but nothing was working or at least not working for my family.

Before I show you the pantry let me just say, I try to keep up with it. Really I do! Just like I’m sure you do also.

It’s always just been a stressful situation every time I open the pantry.

I even went to so far as to keeping my food that I needed in the basement so I didn’t have to open it.

I just let the family keep food in there that was open and still, this is what it would end up looking like….

A  gigantic mess!

Kitchen pantry makeover

kitchen pantry makeover

Yes I know it’s bad!

Like I said even I didn’t want to open it!

Well, all I could think of when getting ready to sell it was how can I let anyone look in there?

I don’t even want to look in there.

So I decided this needed to be fixed so I went on Pinterest to get ideas.

One of the pins leads me to Woodworker Express where I found my SOLUTION. “Insert Happy music!”

See the problem with my pantry is being that it’s almost 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep.

Most lazy susans are 12, 14 or 16 inches which anyone can figure it out that I would loose a lot of space.

Well on Woodworker Express I could order larger sizes!

PERFECT!! “Insert Happy Music Again!”

Before ordering I remeasured my pantry again to make sure of the size.

I found that 20 inches are the biggest I could get. Since the next size would be 22 inches and that is really close to the inside dimensions.

So I immediately put in my order for a 5 shelf lazy susan with 20 inch round shelves that could expand to the height I needed.

I was so excited!

It was, of course, a special order. But I got it within a month and got straight to work as soon as I got it!

Here are some pictures of the progress.

Kitchen pantry makeover

The first shelf was gone and floor cleaned out.


The second shelf was a bit of a pain. I ended up denting the wall trying to get the support out. The support was so close to the wall my hammer claw wouldn’t even squeeze in. So I thought I’ll move down just a pinch and loosen it, yeah, that didn’t work this is what happened.

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Can you say HOLY CRAP?!?! Let me tell you more than that came to my mind!

Well after recovering from the damage. I continued to the other side support. I lost my grip on the hammer and hit myself in the mouth, UGH!

At this point, I was wondering if I was going to live through this remodel.

Yet I pushed forward and guess what I finished with no more damage to the walls or my face or body!!

YAY ME!!!!

When measuring for the lazy susan I decided to keep the top two shelves. For two reasons.

First being, I needed something to attach the lazy susan too.

Second being, I like the way I already have the stuff on the shelves.

That being said, I did pull everything out wipe it down and just did an overall cleaning up of the top shelves.

In my pantry the very top shelf was a half shelf and since I had all those extra shelves that I just pulled out…

Well, I thought why not switch it out.

I found out why it was a half shelf. This was done to give you room to put the stuff up there.

I keep my party bowls and platters up there I only use them maybe 3 times a year so I figure I can deal with it. I may have DH cut the shelf down a bit if it really bothers me.

Here’s how it looks now.

Notice that I put the items on their sides like books it is so much easier to get out the exact piece I need.

Well, here it is the lazy susan in the closet. The items on the shelves are there for me to measure how high I want the shelves to be.

Before putting anything back, I checked expiration dates and tossed what was expired. I also had to toss some bags of chips and boxes of cereal that hadn’t been closed properly and the food was stale. 🙁

Since I already had all the Tupperware containers, they were hidden in the pantry behind all of the stuff my family kept putting in there.

To be able to use them before, I would have to dig out all the food to get to them.

Having to do this was a waste of my time.

But with the pantry so messy we were wasting money also since we couldn’t tell what was even in the pantry!

Well, the lazy susan put an end to all that!

Here it is the after photo. I had even gone to the grocery store and put away some new stuff in there.

Finally, the only thing I spent money on for this project was the lazy susan unit itself, the total of that with tax and shipping was $205.96.

Which of course, this is money I wish I would’ve spent years ago!!!



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