Kitchen Beverage Area Make Over

My Kitchen Beverage Area Make Over!

I use this area daily along with the rest of my Family.

So it always seems to end up a disaster.

First, I’ll give you a little history on this area of my kitchen.

Here it is in all its glory. Well, not so much on the glory! But this part of the kitchen wasn’t here when we built our house. It was just a big empty space from the refrigerator to the door that leads to the garage. So it just ended up looking sad. I used to stack up cases of pop and water here.

So on a visit to Canda way back for one of my birthday gambling trips. Just to let you know how way back I’m talking about there was no passport needed to cross over to Canada then.

Well anyway, I won some money at the Casino! WooHoo! I decided to fix this empty space in the kitchen. So I went out and got the beverage fridge and the cabinets. I tried to match them as best as I could to the other cabinets in the Kitchen but they are not a perfect match. The OCD in me is bothered by that every day 🙂 But anyway…

I have never been able to completely organize it. Over the years our family needs have changed in this area. So when I think I have it organized something changes.

I guess the biggest change lately has been the addition of my Keurig 2.0 Which I love!!! Here is a link on where to find it. And yes I may receive compensation if you click on it which I would appreciate 😉

With the addition of my, Keurig it brought added issues.

Storing K-cups. And yes I know the k-cups are wasteful and fill up landfills. I have been slowly working towards using refillable ones. This is a process to get the right amount of coffee for the strength of coffee I like.

Ok, Ok! I know I’m getting off tract. You came here to see me make over my beverage center. Right? So back to the before photos!

Kitchen Beverage Area Make Over Kitchen Beverage Area Make Over

Messy I know! But I just woke up and decided this was to be done today! So it looks as it does every day no pre-straightened up. NOTHING!

I had said in the beginning of this downsizing journey that is would be the good the bad and the ugly! And believe me, I have a LOT of ugly!

Step 1. Remove everything from the cupboards. I know! This is a big mess! Most people would say only do one and a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. But I’m planning on downsizing so I really need to take stock in what I have and I need to have a good look at it all. I am only doing the top cupboards first then I’ll move onto the bottom one.  🙂

Kitchen Beverage Area Make Over

Ok, first things first. Just how many coffee cups does one person need??? Count them up! That’s right 20! And I had 2 in the dishwasher. 😮 I am the only coffee drinker in the house but my DD likes to drink out of the coffee cups. She likes the handle. She is a bit clumsy so she feels like she has a better grip with the handle.

I did part with 9 leaving me 13. I still have some pairing down to do. It’s a start. A couple are from my Mom’s house that I kept after she passed I am going to see if either my sisters or brother wants them before I get rid of them.

Hint Hint sis! If you want them let me know 😉

Here is a picture of all the stuff on my kitchen island. I did put all like things together as I pulled them out so I could really have a good look at what I had.

Still more stuff! I was beginning to worry about whether I could downsize it all. This one cupboard proved to be a true test for me to downsize. Why? Because this entire cupboard was mainly my stuff. So I really had a big job in front of me. A true test to see if I was really ready to downsize.

Well, I did it I got it all totally emptied! I wiped down all the shelves. Yes, that is corkboard I attached it years ago. I even removed all the paperwork from it and I will go through that later.

Then I moved on the cupboard beside this one. There wasn’t a whole lot in there just big stuff.

These 3 large items took up 90% of the cupboard. I loved that I had them when we would throw parties. The first one is glass. It’s pretty but very heavy hence why I bought the plastic one. So the glass one is gone. I’m keeping the plastic one and I’m going to make a spot for it in the fridge and have lemonade in it. Summer is coming! Plus it’s good for when I go glamping (glamor camping) and we have a get-together. Glass and glamping don’t mix. The coffee carafe is no longer needed since like I stated earlier I have a Keurig. Did I say how much I love my Keurig? Anyway, the carafe is gone.

At this point, I figured I better do something about dinner so I put a chicken in the crockpot so it could cook all day and I wouldn’t freak out about what to have for dinner.

There dinner is taken care of. It’s probably a good idea to do this anytime you are tackling a big project to save some stress.

Well, it was back to the job at hand. Time to work on the countertop.

I decided to descale my Keurig since a couple of days ago it (my Keurig) told me it was time when I was making my morning coffee and I wasn’t about to do it then. So I did it now. See the video on how to do it Here

When downsizing always clean as you go. Wipe down the appliances, shelves, or anything else.

Well looking at everything in the kitchen I decided I needed to take a break. So DD and I took off to visit some historical sites that I have on my list of things to do for my fifth birthday. Yes, I’m 50! Proud of it!

We were gone a bit longer than expected. But guess what when I came back all that stuff was still waiting for me. So I got to work.

I started with all the things I knew I used daily.

For everything that went in I picked a handful of stuff I didn’t want to go back. I did this a few times each time I said Ginger are you really gonna use it? Are you keeping it for fear of wasting it?

After that, I just started telling myself be real if you haven’t used it you probably won’t. So I’m going to take some things to work to let others enjoy the things I know I won’t use.

So, after some work, I finished!! WOOT to me!

I got it done! No stress even! I just worked on it a bit at a time. Even DD was like you are done??

Boy did that feel great! Not only did I clear out clutter from my life I got to drive around and see some Historical sites with my DD and we had a hot dinner at home without going out to eat! With a little pre-planning you can do this too!

Tell me what you think!

Or if you want to know what I did with the stuff ask I’ll tell you!

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    Awesome job! Good read too!! And send me a pic of the mugs you don't want, lol

  2. // Reply
    They are the two black mugs stacked on top of each other in the front. I put them there on purpose so I will have a picture of them but you can enjoy them. One says Life's a Bitch then you die and the other is Yesterday's a memory tomorrow is a dream today's a bitch. Typical Mom styles :)

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