Seattle, First Stop Before Maui


DH and I started our Hawaiian trip by flying into Seattle. Why Seattle? That is what my DH said well, his exact words were “why in the H-E- double toothpick did you pick Seattle?”

What is the reason you ask?
Well, quite simply, due to me have motion sickness. So I wanted to, no I needed to break up the long flight to Hawaii. Did you know it is almost a 13-hour flight to Kona Hawaii from Ohio! This being said I wanted to be sure I had a break, time to recoup. I have never flown that far ever. Before this the furthest we had flown before this was to LAX.

Seattle was our stop over pick because there was so much to do so close to the airport. Firstly, there are shuttles you can ride the marketplace, or anywhere in Seattle so we didn’t need to worry about getting a rental car. I can’t tell you how good of a decision this was! This alone was one of the best decisions that were made on this vacation. If you can, try and add an extra day onto your vacation to break up your flight if possible, it can be the difference in arriving jetlagged or not!

Because of this, we arrived in Maui rested and ready to go! Without the break in Seattle, I don’t think this would’ve been the case. Imagine how tired and cranky you would be after a 13-hour flight. Finally, I know we packed as much into every day that would could it would have been impossible to enjoy the activities without the break.

This is a sample of some of the things we did during our short stay in Seattle before venturing on to Hawaii.



Of Course, The Space Needle!

After that, we walked a short but enjoyable walk to visit Pike Place Market , other must stop place when in Seattle for a visit. In fact, we loved the Market so much we went again on the way back home from Hawaii!


The first thing to remember is that on our visits there wasn’t any fish throwing at the Fish Market. So if you think they throw fish all day for your entertainment it will be a disappointment. However, I’m sure if you were there when someone purchases something, they would then put on the show. Lastly, at the market, they do have free samples, by all means, try them, my DH tried smoked salmon because it was free and he loved it!

Generally speaking, our stop over in Seattle was the highlight of the flight. In Fact, I hope if you ever have the chance to stop in Seattle you walk around the Pike’s Market. This area is such a cool, hip little area and is totally walkable. In fact, I feel we could’ve spent a few more days and did even more there!

On the positive side, after a fun filled day and a well rested night in Seattle, we were off to Maui.

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