Who Am I?

Well, since you came here you must want to know Who am I right?
Hi! I’m Ginger!
Welcome to my corner of the internet!
I’ve been waiting for you!


Who am I? Well, firstly, DH (Darling Hubby) and I have been married for 27 years. I’m a mom to two wonderful adult children, DS (darling son) 23 and DD (darling daughter) 19 and I’m a lunch lady.

Did I say I LOVE GLAMping? (Glamour + Camping) That is the only way to travel! We are thinking of moving to a smaller home or a 5th wheel. Either way, I must downsize! If you are interested in Downsizing and Decluttering follow me here

Looking to save money? Here is where I well help you save money. We are working our way to retirement so I’m all about saving money and living with less. I mean, can’t we all use a little more money in our pockets? If you would like to save money check out My Blog on saving money.

Do you have the Travel bug?? NO? Well, you need to be bitten by it! Come along with me on my travels near and far and everywhere in between right here and hopefully you too will be bitten by the travel bug.

In other words, Save money + Downsize + Travel= A stress-free life which is the dream I’m working towards!

Follow along with me and have some fun and laughter.

With this in mind, I’m sure I’ll be making mistakes as I go along! But it’s all good, we can have some laughs along the way. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself you just aren’t living!

Now on to the Legal Mumble Jumble…

Firstly, this is a personal blog written by myself. Any views or opinions that are expressed in this blog are my own. They personally belong only to me and do not represent those of anyone else, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated. Any views or opinions are not intended to offend anyone whether it be a religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual.

Secondly, all images and content are my copyright, except where explicit credit and/or references to another person’s image or content has been made and to which I have absolutely no copyrights.
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