Food Cost

When did food cost get so out of control?

I am sitting here going through the local store ads.

Trying to find out what’s on sale to plan my meals for next week.

All I can do is shake my head!

For one, do the stores think we are this stupid?

And for two, why has meat gotten so expensive??

Ok, first, I see my store has a 3-day sale on chicken tenders for $2.99 a lb.

Made the front page of the ad!

Has it to be a great deal right?

Well, if you look in the weekly ad, Chicken breasts are on sale for @2.49 a lb.

That’s 50 cents cheaper!

All you have to do is cut the breasts into strips and you have tenders.

Well equal to tenders!

On to #2. Why is meat so expensive??? They give you less and the meat is fattier than it’s ever been! I hate paying for fat!

They give you less and the meat is fattier than it’s ever been!

I hate paying for fat!

Well, I have been trying to eat healthier. I’ve been adding more turkey and chicken to the menu. Much to my hubby’s dismay. There are two reasons I’ve been adding more chicken and turkey to the menu.

#1. More versatile. You can make so much more dishes out of Chicken and Turkey than you can beef. Or you can just substitute the beef with it.

#2. Honestly, it’s on sale more often than not.

This week I can get a whole turkey for .99 cents a lb.

You can also get pork butt for .99 cents a lb.

I’m thinking I may need to pull out the meat grinder and learn how to make my own burger and sausage homeschool!!

Well, I made my menu got my list together and went to the store. When I got there they had sold out of all the turkeys and pork butt…. UGH!!!! Rain check!! Good thing I wasn’t planning on having the Pork till Tuesday. Hopefully, it comes in by Monday so I can make Pork carnitas. I plan on making shredded pork sandwiches with whatever leftovers we have from the Pork carnitas.

Update…. I still haven’t gotten my Pork… Tuesdays menu leftovers open the fridge and find something.

Update #2.

Finally, I got my pork butt!!!!

I have never bought pork butt before but OMG!!

This was easy and it was so tender!!

The original cost was $2.99 a pound. I got it for .99 cents a pound! A $2.00 a pound savings!! It’s no wonder it was sold out!!!

I will be watching for this to go on sale again!

And I advise you to do the same!

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