Fall Color Trip

Today is the day DH and I went to the Dayton area to explore a few new parks we have never been to. I was afraid we wouldn’t see any Fall color well I was wrong! There were plenty of colors, the color of orange to be exact!



Look here's more!
Look here’s more!

And still more!!!! Well, I’m sure you all have heard about Ohio and it’s road construction. I’m here to tell you it’s all true!

OK! All kidding aside.
Leaves were just starting to change but at least they weren’t all green.

Our first stop was Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Spring OH. While Glen Helen Preserve is a small park right in the middle of a college campus. Be ready for a 5.00 parking fee which was a complete surprise since nothing says anywhere that there is a fee for parking. We were told it’s not always checked by a sweet lady doing her exercises on the rock steps, but we chose not to chance it. After all, I’m sure that goes into maintaining the park.

It was a great trail. There were rock steps in the beginning and, of course, the end since you return to where you came in. The trail has “fair” markings, that being said, you could walk off the trail but still easily find where you were supposed to be. Many people were using walking sticks on this trail, I’m sure the rocks can be slippery if damp.

Finally, on to the goodies the pictures!

Yellow Springs Fall

Yellow Springs Fall

Since we were in Yellow Springs, my Google searching, told me a must stop place is Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm it was only a 15 min drive from Glen Helen.

Here is where I got a bowl of the best sea salt caramel ice cream that I have ever had. Sorry, no picture it was 85 degrees today it was all I could do to hurry and eat it before it turned to cream! My mom always said, back in the day, the milk was better and so was the ice cream I can see what she was talking about! Young’s makes their ice cream from their own milk from right on site! Definitely, don’t miss this place if in the area! The only problem here, don’t eat outside unless flies don’t bother you it is a farm after all with lots of animals. Just up the road, there was a field of sunflowers, drying out because of the time of year of course, but I bet it would be gorgeous to see in full bloom.

Final stop was, Sugar Creek Metro Park. Here was the reason for the whole adventure, Ohio’s Tunnel of trees. Also the Three sisters trees, which are the oldest trees in the area they date back to Christopher Columbus’s time. We went on the orange trail to see these. There was only once we weren’t sure of which way to go. Luckily we had printed the trail map out ahead of time so we could see it was just a shortcut to the other side of the trail.

Preplan, it is always a good idea to print a park map out just to be safe. Some of the smaller parks only have a map of the trails at the trailhead. As you may know, markings can be scarce at any park. That being said, you could wander along this trail and still find your way out.

One of the Three Sister trees
One of the Three Sister trees
Tunnel of Trees
Tunnel of Trees

All and all, the day was amazing! All I can say is that you never know what hidden gems are just a drive away!
Hopefully, this inspires you to go out and see what hidden gems are by you!


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