Elf on a Shelf

Elf on a Shelf… I know this isn’t a new thing matter of fact it’s been around for over 10 years! Well, I’m a little slow to check up with the times. But here I am jumping on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon.

My kids are grown adults but I work at a school. Before you say oh you’re a teacher, nope I’m a lunch lady! That being said, I have a great job! I get to teach children life skills like ordering food, making healthy choices, waiting their turn and manners. Well, I guess I am a teacher of sorts.

Anyway, I decided to add an Elf to our Christmas fun!

I jumped on to Ebay to search for one and this is what I found:
Isn’t she adorable! I couldn’t resist her!

For one, purple is my favorite color.

For two I love sparkly things!

She fit both!

So I purchased her.


She arrived earlier than I expected her to which was a nice surprise.

In anticipation of her arrival, I was on Pinterest looking up ideas for her adventures. May I just say, to all you people out there adding your pins that lead back to just a picture. Please, PLEASE! Take credit for these. If the pin just leads to a picture you can not get any credit for it. Even if you just link it to your facebook account, start a free blog anything! I can’t tell you how many cute ideas I have seen that lead back to just a picture! Nothing about who’s picture it was or what it’s about NOTHING! Anyway, end of rant! Back to the topic at hand…

Upon her arrival, there was a not so nice surprise. The fact that she isn’t poseable!

Shocking! I know! Wouldn’t you think they all came poseable? Well, I’m here to tell you! They don’t!!

Rolling around in my head are all these cute poses that I have in mind for Plum. Yes, her name is Plum. For obvious reasons.

First, she’s purple

Second, Sugar plum fairies in the Nutcracker. Being in food service sugar plum wouldn’t work so shortened to Plum.

And lastly, Third, Plums are a healthy fruit! Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Well, With Plum not being posable I couldn’t see how all those poses were going to work. SO, off I went to Google to help me find a solution. Eureka! Solution found!

She Knows

She had the same issue I had! I am not alone in the shock of not being poseable Elf! Kristin has great pictures on her site on how she did it and lots of pictures of different antics her elf Sparkle did.

Following her advice. I decided Plum needed to have some surgery herself.

Surgery Prep all Materials gathered
Surgery Prep all Materials gathered

First. I gathered everything I needed but I forgot the needle nose pliers. So, I grabbed those before starting.

Elf on a Shelf
The size of the whole I made to insert the wire.

Next, I used the seam ripper to take our 2 stitches. I tried to video the process but you mainly just seen my hands since it is such fine work but here is the after.

After I measured the wire and cut it to length and curled the ends so they don’t pop through. Last I closed up the ends.

Finally, I restitched her “elbows” since I had to rip out a stitch there to get the wire through. After that, they all started to come out. So I restitched it which I think was a really good thing since when I was stitching it I sewed right around the wire. It will help keep the wire in place also.

Elf on a Shelf
Perfectly Posable

Plum is so happy she sits so much better! And quite frankly, I’m much happier too!

Finally, Plum is ready for some fun in the Lunch Room! I’ll post her antics for you to see!




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