Drugs, What to Do With Them?

Bet that title got your attention!

Now before you think I’m talking the illegal variety.

I am actually talking about the kind you get from your Doctor. Be it ones that you took but they didn’t work so you were prescribed something, new or pain medicine that you didn’t take all of it. We all have some around the house. What do you do with these??

My stash of unused drugs
My stash of unused drugs

It is very dangerous to have these around the house.

Whether it is taking expired ones or someone getting a hold of them that they weren’t prescribed to.

Or worse yet, someone getting ahold of them and overdosing. We all know that is a problem all over.

So you must get rid of these and don’t have them lying around and fall into the wrong hands.

But how???

I got the answer for you!

Take Back Drugs day is April 29th, 2017 this year. It changes so check out this SITE will let you search where you can drop them off in your area.

So get up and clear out those medicine cabinets and drop off those drugs!!!


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