How to Downsize and declutter a home.
It’s a big job that isn’t an easy one but one that must be done!


Why downsize?
Above all, why clean around stuff???
You have to move it to clean and this causes stress!
After all, we all have enough stress why cause more?

First off, here is where you will find what I am doing to be able to downsize to a smaller home possibly a fifth wheel.
What better way to travel but to take your home with you. Some people may have different reasons for downsizing, it doesn’t matter the reason it’s the same process. Letting go of things. This alone is the hardest thing.

We have lived in our home for sixteen years. Raised our two children here along with, 3 dogs, 4 cats, two hamsters, several goldfish and two parakeets. With this in mind, we have accumulated a lot of memories which equals stuff.

Lastly, this page will take you on my journey of downsizing and decluttering my home and my memories. Along with the ideas, I come up to do with my stuff along the way.

For this reason, I made this page for you to follow me on this journey. The first thing to remember is this is a work in progress . I hope you learn a little from me and my mistakes. I will be sharing the good, bad, and the ugly corners of my home, and how I tackled them.

If you have any ideas to help me along the way please send them my way!