Downsize Saturdays!

Come along and Downsize with me on Downsize Saturdays!

We all know we have too much stuff.

Whether you have a cluttered home or a neat and tidy home. We can always find something that we no longer need or love in our home.

You can live in a 3000 sq ft home or a 200 sq ft home there will always be something you find that you thought you needed or that you just had to have.

Only to find out that was not the case.

You find it later shoved in a drawer or in the back of the closet.

Well, I’m here to help!!

As you know I’ve been downsizing to live in a smaller home. My goal is to travel the USA in an RV. I truly would love to live in one full time but DH isn’t to keen on that idea YET! 😉 Still working on him!

But we have agreed that our home is WAY TO LARGE for us! We have way more space than we need. So I’ve been downsizing different parts of my home. For two reasons:

#1 I don’t want to move all this stuff into my new home.

#2 No one wants to walk through a home they are thinking about buying filled with someone else’s stuff!

So I thought what better way to stay motivated than to make a game of it!

I figured it wasn’t only going to help me but it could help you too!

Every Saturday check out my  FaceBook Page Here for my Downsize Saturdays!

I will give you one mission to do that I will be doing right along with you.

Together we can downsize and live a more stress-free life.

Because Clutter is chaos and chaos = stress.

No one needs any more stress in their lives! Life is stressful enough you home shouldn’t be!

So join me on FaceBook for Downsize Saturdays and have fun losing a bit of clutter along the way!

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