Diabetic Dog

I want to apologize that I’ve been MIA. My Yorkie, Tobie was diagnosed with Diabetes. Having a diabetic dog has consumed my life since he was diagnosed.

Diabetic Dog
Tobie just before we found out he is Diabetic.

As you can see Tobie is a regular size Yorkie in this picture he was 14.6 lbs. He had already lost 2 lbs since he is normally 16.6 lbs. But the Vet wanted him to lose a little anyway.

I have been doing online research on the condition. Some things are very scary I’m not going to lie.

When we went to the vet to learn how to give him his insulin shots she very matter of factly told me he will go blind.

Ok, pick me up off the floor, BLIND?

I’m just trying to comprehend the insulin shots and feeding times!

Add being blind to that!

My poor little guy has to get 2 shots a day, but blind too? The Vet said could happen in months or years. Wait! Months???

I was/ am a bit overwhelmed. But I slowly picked my jaw up off the floor and thought well I/ we need to deal with this. So I head off to Wal-Mart. FYI it’s the cheapest place to get insulin it’s only like $25.00 and you get 100 needles for about $10.00 it all cost me $36.00. He needs his shots every 12 hours so we figure 7 am and 7 pm would work best for him.

Well, no one told Tobie that he needs to wait till 7 pm to eat dinner. He was not a happy camper. Since he is used to eating when we eat. He was giving us sad puppy eyes like where is my food??

Finally, at 7 pm I feed him and you would’ve thought he was starving. I swear he looked at me like it’s about time B***th!

So I’m ready with my bottle of insulin and needle and I look at my poor little guy…..

I got the shot ready and looked into those poor little brown puppy eyes and said sorry but I have to do this…

And I did it and he did ok. Matter of fact he probably did better than I did. Such a trooper that little guy is!

Well, after a week of giving him his insulin shots twice a day and only feeding him twice a day and giving him no snacks, treats or anything. We take him back to the Vet to see how his sugar levels are doing. The Vet comes in and tells us his sugar levels are up higher. When we first found out that Tobie was diabetic his sugar level was in the 400’s and ideally in the 100’s. After a week of insulin shots twice a day his sugar registered in the 600’s!

I felt like I was doing everything right. But was I  wrong! The Vet told me it can take a bit to figure out how much insulin he needs. He may even need to spend a day in the hospital to get his sugar monitored for the day so we can get his levels under control. But she said to start giving him 4 units of insulin. He would need to come back in a week for a recheck.

So another week of shots has gone by we even started measuring the amount of food since he is still drinking a lot of water and peeing in the house, a sign of high sugar. Today he went in and his sugar is in the 400’s better than 600’s. Lower than the first results but still too high. So we will have his insulin to 5 units twice a day. We will have to take him back next week and if his sugar still isn’t improving he will have to spend a day in the hospital.

So, you can see I’ve been a bit crazy. I’ve been researching online but there isn’t much advice except to measure the food and routine, routine, routine. While we are anything but a routine family, our youngest member is insisting on a routine for his health.

I have been talking to people who have dogs with diabetes. They all got their dog’s sugar under control rather quickly. So I’m hoping if we can all work on a routine, which will be the hardest thing, we will slowly get Tobie’s sugar under control.

I love my little guy with all my heart and it breaks my heart knowing that he is counting on me to help him feel better. I’m failing at the moment. But I am going to make it work for him. We just need to get him to eat instead of grazing. We are going to add some exercise into his routine every day and hopefully, we will get this more under control. My little Tobie has separation anxiety so I really don’t want him spending a whole day in a hospital even though I know if he needs it’ll happen.

So, as you can see life will always slap you in the face when you least expect it. I never in a million years thought about a dog having diabetes. Even if I hear of it was usually an overweight dog. Tobie isn’t severely overweight. The vet says it really just dumb luck and bad genes most of the time. But this too will pass. This will not keep us down. Tobie is a fighter and is very young and we will get this figured out.

If you happen to have been in this situation also and have any advice for me or anyone else please LMK. I’d love to hear from you!

Tobie can use any advice. Come on look at this face! I Love this guy!

Diabetic Dog
Tobie today. Slowly working towards being healthy.

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