Day 1 Elf Plum’s Arrival

Day 1 Elf Plum’s arrival.

Plum came in on a hot air balloon ride.

The arrival
The arrival

Ok, Ok, I will admit I didn’t think this one through completely. I had her rules framed so they can sit out and I figured she should be the one to bring them, that’s how it works right?

Well,the basket I chose was a bit heavy, so she couldn’t “fly” in. I had to let the basket sit on the microwave. Hindsight, I would’ve used a small bag. The kids didn’t even notice that she was not flying. It’s all about the kids anyway so if they were happy that is all that matters!

Elf Plum's Arrival
Hot Air Balloon

The kids noticed Elf Plum the minute they came in for the most part. You could definitely tell what kids have an Elf at home since they were the first to notice.

They wanted to know her name if she was real, which I think is the funniest! They couldn’t believe I had a purple elf. Well, kudos to my cashier, she was on the ball she immediately explained that Santa knows purple is my favorite color so he sent me, Plum, a purple elf!

All in all, I think for the first arrival it went pretty good!

What arrivals have you used? Did you have any mishaps like me? Let me know I’d love to hear from you!


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