Let’s Talk Chicken

Let’s talk about Chicken! Everyone Loves it right?

Well, there has to be some way to fix it that everyone loves. Especially since it is so versatile.

The other good thing is it’s ALWAYS on sale!

You can always get some parts for under $2.00 a pound.  Whether it be the legs, thighs, breast or the whole darn thing! Which if you’ve been following me you know that is a requirement for me and my meal planning.

Which if you’ve been following me you know that is a requirement for me and my meal planning.

So let’s talk chicken!

First, have you noticed how big the breasts are getting? I wondered what kind of stuff they are feeding the chickens to get them that big. On second hand, I probably don’t really want to know!

Ok, I did read the package and it says flavored with 15% broth, maybe that “plumps” them up??

Back on track…

If you are thinking of getting into freezer meals Chicken is a must have.

How great to take some throw it into a freezer bag with some BBQ sauce and there is one meal. This can be done with any cut of meat! making it my #1 meal choice for beginners starting with freezer meals.

The downside is that it doesn’t take very long to cook. That being said, making it in the crockpot while you are away at work isn’t the best. You could come home to really dry chicken that is not so great. Why make it simple if it doesn’t taste good?

I’m going to list some really quick “dump” freezer ideas. They are not meals but just ideas for the main dish. Freezer meals to me mean having the whole meal ready to dump and go.

  1. BBQ Chicken- roughly use 1/4 cup per Breast or do like I do and just dump some in. To cook this you can bake in the oven or grill it if cut your breasts into strips you can pan fry it. We’ve used it on a salad for a great BBQ Chicken salad. This can be made with Skin on or skinless cuts.
  2. Italian Chicken- basically the same as the bbq sauce only use Italian dressing. The skin on or skinless cuts.
  3. Creamy Italian Chicken- This came off a Miracle whip bottle from years ago. I made it cause I had the ingredients and thought why not? It calls for Miracle Whip and dry Italian Dressing mix. Mix them together and spread on the chicken bake and it comes out moist and just yummy. I can’t find the original recipe for this. Basically, I just scoop some miracle whip into a bowl and dump the whole dry Italian season pack into it a stir and spread over the chicken. Best with skinless cuts.
  4. Cream soup- I just tried this yesterday and wow was it good! I had a can of Cream of Celery soup and I poured it over the chicken breasts sprinkled it with onions. Baked it 375 for about 45 mins till internal temp hit 160 degrees. I made 4 breasts like I said they are HUGE! And all 4 of us ate! Not too shabby! This is probably best with skinless cuts.
  5. Fried Chicken– I’m not going to get into this one too much I already have a post on this one. Just click to read the post. The skin on or Skinless.

As you can see there is so much you can do I only just touched on a few ideas.

Finally, if you are serious about meal planning and/or freezer meals start with Chicken! It’ll never steer you wrong! Got a favorite recipe you’d like to share? Please let me know!!! I’d love to hear it!

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