Car Rental in Miami Beach

Do you need to get a car rental in Miami Beach?

Planning on taking a trip to Miami or Miami Beach.

To rent a car or not to rent a car that is the question!

Thinking of escaping the cold, snowy winter? Ready for some fun in the sun? Need a dose of vitamin sea??? I know I was! Living in Ohio gets to be pretty depressing in the winter.

Hubby and I having been forgoing presents for the last few years and going on a vacation for our Christmas present to each other. After all, what is a better gift than to enjoy time with one another? This year we picked Miami Beach to go to get away. We could enjoy the beach and still drive to the Everglades and the Keys.

Well, if you are thinking of going I’m sure you have a lot of questions.

First, do you need a car rental??

I chose to rent one. I wanted to make sure we could go to the Keys and the Everglades. In hindsight, we really didn’t need one. Miami and Miami Beach have TONS of transportation! A lot of it is even free! If you do well with bus schedules and don’t mind having to wait for the next bus- trolley- tram then, by all means, don’t rent a car.

If you chose to rent a car you need to remember that parking is a premium. You will have to figure that into your vacation cost. When you factor in parking, which we did find a lot that charged a dollar an hour with a 20 dollar max charge a day after 15 hours. Which wasn’t bad we were expecting to pay 25.00 a day at the hotel so we saved 35.00 over our stay.

But what about driving to the Keys you say? Well if you opt not to rent a car there is a bus tour that takes you to the Keys. Of course, you are on their time schedule. But after we visited and found out that over half the places around the keys were just starting to open after Hurricane Irma. We may have been better off taking the tour rather than driving ourselves. We wasted time stopping at places that weren’t completely open or weren’t open at all. I’m sure a tour bus would’ve known this and make up for these issues. There was so much garbage along the side of the road it was very sad. We decided that we would be going back to the Keys at a different time to allow more time for them to clean up and get back to a more “normal” experience.

That being said I think the bus tour would’ve been the perfect option rather than having rent a car. We would’ve been able to see the water better and been able to take more pictures.

There is also a bus tour to the Everglades. Adding to the question do you really need a car?? If you just want a day trip to the Everglades this is a great option.

We drove to the Shark Valley entrance and paid the entrance fee of 25.00 for a car. This fee is good for 7 days so if you decide to go back for another day you can at no additional cost. But if you take a bus tour the entrance fee is included in your price and some even include the cost of an airboat ride!

Still unsure if you should rent a car??? Well, there are taxis everywhere! Lyft is quite popular down there also. I don’t know how much lyft is but I know the taxis charged so much the first 1/6th of a mile and every 1/6th of a mile after that. I know there was more but that was just from reading what they had on the side of their taxi when they were driving past us.

There are even bus tours that take you over to Miami’s famed stops and then you down have to drive in some of the crazy traffic they have! Plus they have tolls roads that you can’t pay. If you don’t have a sun pass then they charge to the plate which is an extra cost on to your rental.

I guess after being there and seeing how easy they make it get around in hindsight we would’ve forgone the car rental.

Miami Beach and Miami are definitely pedestrian friendly places to visit. If you are unable to walk for 7-8 city blocks a car might be better for you.  There is the metro mover that is free to use and they have a trolley that is also free.

I suggest looking up all the public transit information you can. Here are the few I picked up while there.

Car Rental

These are easy ways to get around without a car.

So, should you get a car rental? I know I won’t be the next time I’m in the area! Miami is all about the weather to get out in it and enjoy after all that is why you went there for fun in the sun and Miami and Miami Beach have it!

I hope this gave you a bit of an insight on how easy it is to get around Miami and Miami Beach!

Look for more on our Miami Beach vacation coming soon!

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