Blogging Mistakes

Blogging mistakes. What is this that you speak of? No one makes any mistakes, do they?

Well, I’m here to tell you indeed I did, and I want to learn from my biggest one!

What do I feel is my biggest mistake to date? Notice it said to date! I know this won’t be the only one.

Step one: Research. Yeah, I know you have done your research. So did I or so I thought. Well after 10 posts I kept getting a red light on my posts. Finally, I researched what this was. My SEO service, I use Yoast, was telling me my post and pages needed work. I being new to the blogging world was like what is SEO? So off I go to do some more research and what I found out is that SEO is how search engines rank your page in a search. This can be very important since this is how people searching for information find your page. If your SEO ranking is low your page may be hidden within 1000’s of other pages.

Think of SEO has the hashtag of Twitter. A general Hashtag can mix you into a post of thousands. Should you chose one a little more specific will land you within 100’s maybe even less. That being said, you need to have a good SEO to land your posts high in the rankings for searches such as Google and Bing.

Step two: Test your posts. Have you ever done a search on yourself and your posts?? I know it sounds crazy but I did a Google search on a SEO keyword I myself gave a post. Then I looked through every page till I found my post. Where did I rank? Page 4, not bad huh? Well maybe if you find someone willing to look through 4 pages of information to find you. Obviously, this needs improvement.

That being said, this is why I’ve been missing in action on posts. I’ve been working on all my posts and pages to improve my SEO. I figure if I can improve upon the old ones then I just need to do each post as I go. This is a big undertaking and maybe not all of you need to go to this level but I have posts with information that I want people to find so I can help them. So, I need the SEO to be good on all of them to lead them to my helpful information to help my blog grow, and to help people find my blog.

Lastly, Blogging is a learning experience. You well make mistakes along the way. If you don’t well good for you but if you do that’s ok too. Learn from the mistakes, improve upon yourself. Always remember to be humble and help a fellow blogger out. That is all I am hoping to do! Good Luck my fellow bloggers! Go out and change the world! Isn’t that a bloggers dream? Live it!

Work it, Dream it, Discuss it here.