Back to the Bricks

This summer I attended the Back to the Bricks in Flint Michigan.
Let me just tell you it’s kinda a big deal.
If you love old cars, crowds, and food this is a must go to event. I camp close to Flint so we decided to check out the local Fairs, can I just say I’m glad we did!

It is a free event to get people into the downtown area. Parking is the only problem I can see that you would have. But, even saying that we found a parking spot fairly quickly and only walked about 2 blocks to arrive at the event.

They shut down the main street in Flint and line both sides of the street with antique cars. It is very organized in the sense that like cars are parked together. So if you really like Corvettes there is a section of them. It is so Big they even line side streets with cars!

My DH had a great time looking at some of the older cars. That being said, this event will also remind you of how old you are! Some of the cars were ones we drove! Some are even from after we were born!


While there we ate the chicken dinner at the Masonic Temple Dining room. Let me tell you, that was DELIS! Very reasonable also. While there are a lot of food vendors there to eat at also I suggest the chicken dinner for sure! The food was home cooked you could tell! And the pies were definitely homemade. My dessert choice, rhubarb pie YUM!

So, if you are ever in the Flint area in August Back when to the Bricks is going on. Check it out!! It really is a great time! And you can’t beat that it’s free!

Here are some photos to give you a taste of what it’s like!


Back to the Bricks

Just look at that crowd!

Back to the Bricks Back to the Bricks Back to the Bricks Back to the Bricks

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