50 Things to do in My 50th Year

50 Things to do in my 50th year.

What is this?? I’m turning 50???

50 Things to do my 50th year

I’m turning 50!!!!

How can this be???

How can I be turning 50?

Well, turning 50 has caused me to reflect on my life.

Do you realize my life is over half lived…

It’s my 50th year…OMG! Where did it all go??

Before you say anything, I know that I have a lot of life to live.

But in reality, even if I live to be 100, which I doubt, my life is half over.

It’s ok I’m fine with it!

Really I am!

I’ve had a great life! I’ve raised 2 great kids! They are beautiful inside and out! I have the love of a great man that I have been married to longer than I’d not had him in my life.

I love the memories I have had to date.

But now is the time to step up the game! Live my life to the fullest. After all, you never know how much time you have left.

So I decided to make a list of 50 things to do in my 50th year.

Just to give me, even more, memories.

A lot of these are close to home but they are things I’ve never done.

Ohio is a big state!

There is a lot to do!

And when you add Michigan to the mix watch out! That’s a lot of space to cover!!

I’m sure if you look at your state you could find many things to do there too.

Well on to the list:

  1. Go to Marblehead
  2. Visit Kelley’s island
  3. Go to Put-in-Bay
  4. Canopy walk in Kirkland
  5. Donut trial in Ohio
  6. Do 50 Acts of Kindness
  7. Lose 5lbs
  8. Make an app (plans made for a travel app)
  9. Covered bridges tour
  10. Waterfall tour in Ohio
  11. Find, Photo, and identify 50 birds
  12. See the northern lights in Michigan well try to mother nature needs to help out on this one.
  13. Prehistoric forest in Marblehead
  14. Belle Isle Detroit
  15. Ohio trolley and railway museum ride
  16. Brandy wine falls Ohio
  17. Aug. 21st, 2017 solar eclipse
  18. Burger fest in Akron Ohio
  19. Get rid of 50 things!!
  20. Hot air balloon fest!
  21. Rosey mound trail Grand Haven
  22. Visit 50 state parks
  23. Cuyahoga valley Nat’l park
  24. Lights at the Toledo zoo
  25. See a shooting star, again need mother nature’s help.
  26. Singing fountain Grand Haven
  27. Learn to make cookies in RV oven ( it’s harder than you think!)
  28. Find a Petoskey stone
  29. See the purple bridge in Cinci Ohio
  30. Carew tour observation deck Cinci OH
  31. Watch a meteor shower again need mother natures help on this one
  32. Get a passport
  33. Jungle Jim’s
  34. Learn to make a frozen mocha like Panera
  35. Read 50 books, any suggestions?
  36. Work up to a blog post a day
  37. Learn to cut Tobie’s hair
  38. Visit 50 historical sites
  39. Learn to cook dinner on a campfire, anyone that camps with me will say learn to build a fire first LOL.
  40. Do 50 things to make the house sellable
  41. Camp at Maumee bay
  42. Drive 75 to Sault Ste. Marie
  43. Drive up the Michigan Lakeshore
  44. Do Lake Erie circle tour
  45. Uniroyal giant tire MI
  46. Ann Arbor’s fairy door
  47. Go to Hell, Michigan that is.
  48. Visit Loveland castle
  49. Old Firehouse Wine
  50. Sample 50 craft brews


I hope you enjoy my journey with me!

If you have been any of these places and have suggestions please let me know I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you follow along all year to see me celebrate my 50th year!

FYI  life is great!!

Live and love to the fullest!!


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    Isn't it crazy how quickly the years just fly by? And then we're left standing trying to figure out how we missed out on so much. Great to have a bucket list. Hopefully you'll be able to complete it all. ~Mary Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. // Reply
      Yes Mary it is crazy! It has been a great year so far! I have taken every weekend that has been good weather as an opportunity to cross some things off my list! Posts on my adventures coming soon!

  2. // Reply
    Great list!! You'll love Put-In-Bay,when you go,stay at the Toledo House....very nice family owns it. Also,go during off-season,a lot less congested! As for books,you can't go wrong with reading "Lord of the Rings" for fiction and any autobiography for non-fiction.

    1. // Reply
      Thanks, Patrick! I live very close to Put in Bay so won't be spending the night, but always good to know nice places to stay! Lord of the rings is a book I haven't read yet! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. // Reply
    This is a great list. I like that you included a lot of new experiences. I want to try something like this for my 30th.

  4. // Reply
    It is a great idea to make a list of things you want to do was a kind of celebration! I particulary love to make lists for everythin!!

  5. // Reply
    Time is definitely flying. I cannot believe its been 24 years that I have been in this country where it feels like yesterday we moved from a completely different country.

    1. // Reply
      Time does fly!! I would say welcome but since you have been here 24 years that would be quite a few years too late! I hope you have been able to travel and enjoy the USA since there is so much to see and do!

  6. // Reply
    Love it!!! I'm also turning 50 in about 9 1/2 months. Your blog is great... keep writing!

    1. // Reply
      Thank you Shelly! And a very Happy Early 50th! I hope you enjoy your 50th and celebrate it also! Thank you so much for the compliment on my blog! I work hard and hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing!

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