50 Historical Sites

For my 50th year, one of the things I decided to do was visit 50 Historical Sites.

At first, I thought this might be really hard but as it turns out this may be one of the easiest things I listed.

A little history on why this list is here. I wanted to do something different for my 50th year. I decided to make the year an adventure all on its own. If you didn’t see my full list you can find it HERE.

So, I did a bit of research seems Ohio has done all the homework for me. The Ohio Historical Society has markers that mark historical sites in Ohio. I’m sure if you look into it, your state may also have historical markers.

50 Historical Sites

Here is a link to the Ohio remarkable website which is where we (DH and me) were able to find the markers.

http://www.remarkableohio.org/ They list them by the county which makes it a bit hard you need to plan ahead. That being said after I was driving aimlessly a few times! I learned my lesson quickly!

Ok on to my list of 50 historical sites that I visited.

  1. Fallen Timbers. I can’t believe I have never been here before. I grew up so close to it and never went and seen it. Well, now I have! What a beautiful view. And to think of the war that went on there you can almost see it.

50 historical sites50 historical sites

2. Camp Perry. I have driven by here and never thought twice about it. It was nice just to drive through it and see the housing and the planes and tanks on display. Just to imagine the life of military families.

3. Magee Marsh. This has become one of my most favorite spots. I went here a couple times as a kid but just to drive through. Well, now I can say I’ve seen every bit of it. From the drive to the boardwalk to the beach. If you want to see birds this is a MUST SEE!

I just have to say we had a great time at Magee Marsh.  At first, we climbed an observation tower to look around. Hubby was like better take some pictures. I was like there is nothing to take pictures of. Then I looked over and seen this…

Ok, Ok, I know it isn’t a real eagle’s nest but just to see how big Eagles are up close is amazing. I can see an Eagle’s nest from my house but this just showed how big it really is. On the way back to our car some “birders” asks us if we wanted to see something really cool.. I’m like of course! Well, it was a saw- whet owl! Very cool! That picture is in another post, Find, Photo and Identify 50 birds.

Magee Marsh is a must if you are in the area. And just up the road is the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge another very cool place to visit.

4. Maumee and Western Reserve Turnpike. I was amazed that they charged a toll back in 1842!

5. Sandusky County Fairgrounds. Camping out in Ohio back in the 1700’s. I can’t even imagine. Especially if it was in the winter.

6. Fort Stephenson. Surrounded and only had 160 men and one cannon! Crazy!!

7. Mc Pherson Cemetery. This is a beautiful cemetery. I have driven past it many times on the way to our property down south. I didn’t know the whole story until this visit. Who would’ve thought so many great generals were from our area.

8. Across the street from the Cemetery. General McPherson’s boyhood home.

9. Sherwood Anderson. Inspired such writers as Ernest Hemmingway?? I may just have to read one of his books I think “Death in the Woods” sounds interesting! Especially since most of his stories were inspired by the Clyde area.

10. Bishop John Seybert. A traveling preacher! Very cool!

11. Tremont House. This one wasn’t on the remarkable site but we stumbled across it, very interesting. Started off as a Hotel and even used of IOOF (Independent order of Odd Fellows) I need to look into IOOF 😉

Once you have started looking for the signs when you drive past one you are like WAIT!!! There’s one!!

12. Early Catholic Missionary Settlement.

This one was a little hard to find. We were expecting a sign like at all the other sites. But surprise, it was on a stone!

13. Oldest standing house in Norwalk. Didn’t take a picture of the house you ask? No, I was sure which one it was it was kinda of in between two houses. The one in the picture and another one.

14. The historic district in Norwalk. Just driving down Main street this one is obvious. Very quaint!

15. Israel Harrington and Elmore. Pretty much the founder of Elmore. His business sense helped form Elmore. Looking for old Tombstones, this would be a good place.

16. Ottawa County Courthouse. Not a place that you would want to be if told to be there. But to visit it to see the beauty well, that’s a whole nother story. And I may or may not have crossed construction caution tape to get a close-up 😉

17. World’s Shortest Airline.

This one was a bit hard to find. Yes, it’s an Airport. But when you pull in you think you are in the wrong spot. Trust me you just go in between the two buildings it’s there!

18. First Battle Site. I don’t even have words for this. I can’t imagine taking a boat across to Cedar Point! The water can be a bit rough.

50 Historical Sites

I’m telling you this is so interesting! Read these boards! Imagine being there!! People died so I could live here as an American! It’s just wild!

19. Keeper’s House. This is interesting on so many levels. First keepers home, the first woman Keepers home, and the oldest residence in Ottawa County! When we stopped it was closed but you can tour it.

20. Johnson’s Island. Blink and you’ll miss this one. It’s right at the corner of Gaydo’s Dr.

There is a $2.00 Toll to cross over to the Island but it is so worth it. It is mainly just residential houses but it was a great drive!

21. Lake Erie. Our Lake! It has gotten a bad wrap of being dirty. Well, I think this explains it. It is the shallowest Lake of all the Great Lakes.  I can’t imagine canoeing on Lake Erie like they did back in the day!          

This is at Marblehead I have more on this area in another post.

22. Lakeside. Beautiful views here! I can see why people were drawn here for Spiritual Rival.


23. Boundary Marker of the Western Reserve. This is at Catawba Island State Park.

24. Dominick Labino. 57 patents! Wow! Even tiles on the Space shuttle.

50 Historical Sites

Everyone knows how important glass is to the Toledo area!

25. First Presbyterian Church.

50 Historical Sites

This is in Grand Rapids and is still having church services today!

26. Howard Cemetary.

50 Historical sites

I always love finding old Cemetary markers!

27. Grand Rapids.

50 Historical Sites

This is one of the cutest old towns in the area. It’s like stepping back in time and that is the way the people that live there like it! Grand Rapids is best known for the Apple Butter Fest.


28. Miami & Erie Canal. Without this canal what where would we be??


There is a nice trail to walk along the canal that will take you to my next historic site.

29. Ludwig mill.

The Mill is open for tours and there is a train ride that you can take across the river. Just a beautiful place to visit any time of year!

They have unique ways to keep track of floods anywhere near rivers. This is how they mark it at the mill.

30. Maimi and Erie Canal. No this is not a repeat! This tells about the Waterville section where boats were pulled by mules. And yes they still do!! When you walk the trail you will see signs telling you to give the mules the right of way.

31. Wakeman Hall. One of the first Mason Halls.

Just across the street from theWakeman Hall is my next marker.

32. John Pray founder of Waterville. The foresight of some people! Waterville is still a great town to this day!

33. Toledo Amtrak Station. I have picked up my Mom and my Brother both from here. I can’t say I ever noticed this and it’s RIGHT up front!

50 Historical Sites

34. The Oliver House. What can I say about this place?? Well, I forgot to bring my wallet or we would’ve stopped in a had a beer. I know it’s listed as a historical hotel but it houses the Maumee Bay Brewing  Company. Every time I’ve been there I’ve never been disappointed. If you are in the Toledo Area add this to your list if only to try a local brew.

50 Historical sites

35. Port Lawrence. This was not located where the website said it was. We stumbled across it when looking for the next site. Stumbled is probably the best to describe it since it is on the back of #36.

50 Historical Sites

36. Fort Industry Square. Very interesting that the Indians signed this whole area over to us. Granted this isn’t what they probably wanted. I do appreciate that they did. This is a very well known building to anyone familiar with Toledo.

50 Historical Sites

37. Lucas County Courthouse. Again a very beautiful building but not somewhere you want to go unless you are getting married. Which this is where my DH and I got our Marriage License back just a few years ago. Oh, about 27 to be exact.

38. Toledo Canals. This was located on the front lawn of the courthouse. Interesting that the Anthony Wayne Trail made the Canals useless.

50 Historical Sites

39. Toledo was born! What a great story of how Toledo got here! This marker is located right out front of the Tarta bus terminal.

40. Mercy Hospital / School of Nursing. I have been here to visit a few times. My DD visits almost daily. This is where she is going to school to be a nurse. Very humbling to see the beginnings and know she is going to a school with a long history of nurses.

historical sites50 historical sites


41. Toledo’s First Hospital. St. Vincent’s Hospital, to locals it’s known as St. V’s the hospital to go to for the very best help that you can get. All critical injuries go here along with any severe conditions. Here is where my Dad had open heart surgery after a severe heart attack at age 46 and is still doing well. He has had to have multiple surgeries but they have always been top notch! I feel very lucky that we have them here. Yes, both of these are Catholic Hospitals but isn’t most of history wrapped in religion? I am totally amazed at our history and the origins of it.

Here is where my Dad had open heart surgery after a severe heart attack at age 46 and is still doing well. He has had to have multiple surgeries but they have always been top notch! I feel very lucky that we have them here. Yes, both of these are Catholic Hospitals but isn’t most of history wrapped in religion? I am totally amazed at our history and the origins of it.

50 historical sites                                                                                     Now here I am in the home stretch only 8 to go. So DD and I decided to go and finish off the list. So we head to downtown Toledo. We spent probably a good hour looking for some. We found 2 of the eight we were looking for and stumbled across 2 others.


42. Toledo Art Museum. This is such a beautiful place! If you are ever in Toledo you have to make time to visit out art museum. Even if you just walk the grounds it is an amazing place.                                                                                              50 Historical sites

Here’s a sample of what you will see walking the grounds.

50 Historical Sites50 Historical Sites

Right next to the Art Museum sign was the next one.

43. Girl Scouts. I was a girl scout leader for many years, from the time my daughter was in daisies all the way to the start of juniors.

50 Historical Sites


44. The Blade. The Toledo Blade has been the local paper for many years.

50 Historical sites

45. Engine House No. 1. This was one that we stumbled across while looking for a different sign. My DD was very interested in being a firefighter she even went to school for it in High School before deciding to go into nursing. But she still has a love of all things about firefighters.


On the back of the Engine House No 1 was this can you imagine the firefighters having to hand pull and hand pump the water?

After driving around Downtown Toledo and the East side of Toledo and coming up empty handed. We decided to head towards the South end of Toledo to places we were a little more familiar with.

46. Toledo Zoo. I think this is one of the most known places of the entire Toledo area. Our Zoo has been nominated for many awards. And I think they are well deserved. I did not know that the Zoo came from Federal funding.

50 Historical sites


47. Toledo State Hospital Cemetary. I had put this one on my list because my DD was going with me. I thought an old Cemetary might peak her interest in history. And I was right! She was a bit sad that families would just let the state bury their family members without proper markers. But she wants to do some research to make she none of our family was buried here.

50 Historical Sites

We didn’t, however, find the New cemetery. We did look for it but didn’t find it we may have gone the wrong direction. What got me about this marker is that my DH grew up down the road from here literally maybe 3 miles up off this same street and I never knew about this. Amazing what history is around us that we know nothing about.

48. Wolcott House. If you have ever driven down the Anthony Wayne Trail in Maumee you will have went pass this house. It can be seen from the Trail but to truly visit it you must take a drive down River Road. Quite frankly if you have never taken a drive down River Road you are truly missing out! Beautiful older homes on a quiet road that meanders along the Maumee River.

50 Historical Sites


49. Fort Miamis. We stumbled across this one on our drive down River Rd. I had never even heard of this Fort. The park has a nice walking path with markers to tell you the history of this site.


50! I have never been to this final place! In all my 50 years! I know I’ve heard about it, know that it’s a great place to go sledding, drove past it several times but never ever stopped to see it. Well, today that changed! I can proudly say I’ve been to Fort Meigs! There are a few signs here so I’m just going to post them under one because Fort Meigs is a very important piece of history in this area. I’m even going to add the cemetery that we stopped by upon leaving Fort Meigs.

Fort Meigs50 Historical Sites 50 Historical Sites

Well, there they are 50 Historical Sites! I really enjoyed finding these markers! Even my DD got into looking for them. We actually have more than 50 because, in the end, we got so good at finding them! I hope this inspires you to get out there and look for all the bits of history that surrounds you! I know I will now always be on the look out for Historic markers where ever I go!

Hopefully, you will be on the lookout for them too!
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    I love this idea, and have always enjoyed visiting historical sites on my travels (as well as my hometown). It's always amazing what we can learn

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